July 18, 2010

Kind Campaign for OWN and MTV

We are meeting with the OWN network tomorrow and awaiting the verdict from our meeting with MTV last week. we could really use your help on this--

We would love for you to write to the OWN network and MTV about why they should support Kind Campaign. Our meetings with them are to see if they can he
lp with post production funding and distribution on the doc. Most importantly, we are looking to get support/funding for our upcoming Fall school tour. They have also both expressed interest in shooting a show about our second tour. But they need to know why this is important FROM YOU!

We already have tons of schools booked for the tour and we want nothing more than to bring our finished film and our assembly program to girls all over the country. In the last 8 months we have spoken in over 60 schools and organizations all over the country and we have seen the immense effects of our efforts. Unfortunately, without funding its going to be very difficult to do this 3 month school tour.

Let OWN and MTV know why they should support our documentary and school program!!! You can even just copy and paste what you say for both links! HERE ARE THE LINKS TO WRITE IN TOO!


MTV LINK (with instructions listed below):

***Instructions: you have to sign up on the site to leave your comment. It takes one minute--super easy. Once you have signed up, click the above link and you can create a new discussion thread OR you can comment on the thread we just posted:http://community.mtv.com/Discussion-Thread/Kind-Campaign-for-MTV-documentary-movement-school-program-TV-show/0D3FCFFFF01EC7CAC000901051EC9?ref_title=Suggestion+Box&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.mtv.com%2FContent%2FDiscussions%2FDiscussionResults.aspx%3Ftcid%3D22922&ref_category=22922


News Package of one of our assemblies:
Documentary Trailer:
Kind Magazine created by a group of students after a Kind Campaign assembly:
Every donation helps:

Please please send a message letting OWN and MTV know why this is important and why it affects you!! Thanks so much!

Lauren & Molly

June 30, 2010


After 4 months of trying, we FINALLY got accepted into the Pepsi Refresh Grant cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Molly and I were traveling home from speakin in Boston today so Vegard (finding kind editor) submitted for us while we were in the air heading back to LA. You have to submit at 9pm (westcoast time) on the 1st of every month. Getting into the voting cycle is basically a lottery. Insane amounts of people all over the country press SUBMIT at the exact same time and just hope and pray that their application will make it into one of the first 1,000. Believe me, I have almost chucked my computer over the balcony the last 4 times I tried--watching the server crash and the cycle close within ONE minute because of how many people submit. But this time it's KIND CAMPAIGNS turn!!!! I cannot even begin to describe the excitement running through me right now. Right when we landed, Molly and I had an email from Vegard letting us know that the application made it through and we were in a state of shock.

HOWEVER, although being in the cycle is awesome, we still have to await the approval on our application from Pepsi and THEN on August 1st, the one month voting cycle begins. That is where YOU come in!!! The grant is only received if you receive the most votes. We are going to need your help with this but we have faith that we can make this happen!!!!

This money would finish the post-production on the documentary and fund so many projects such as our upcoming 3 months Fall KC school assembly tour, Kind Clubs, website development, merch...the list goes on and on but you will see our budget breakdown on our profile :)

We will keep you updated and remind you when the voting begins!!!!


June 18, 2010


This week I re-wrote and re-recorded all of my voice over for the documentary. I am so awkward when I do voiceovers haha. Vegard and I were laughing yesterday because he was saying he could make a pretty interesting reel out of all my out-takes while recording...its true...some of the things that come out of my mouth. wow. its pretty interesting. Ill have to have him put that reel together so you can hear.

Its so strange to listen to yourself talk like that. This time I was excited to record though because the new VO really tells the story. I feel really proud of it and how this doc is coming together. I see an end to this post production madness and its getting me excited! I've had some new ideas this week that I brought into the edit and they are translating really nicely...love when that happens. To the left is where I sit everyday-- with Vegard (our editor), staring at those screens. It's actually really fun. I LOVE post production.

Molly and I have been meeting with a group of people, getting together a pitch that is happening on the 28th of this month. Its with a HUGE network and if the pitch goes, it could take KC to a crazy new level. Part of this deal is for them to distribute the documentary which would be INSANNNNEEEEE. I feel really confident about what we are presenting so keep your fingers crossed! That is all I want to say for now because I dont want to jinx anything. We will let you know who the network is and more details after the pitch meeting :)

KC has been rooting the LAKERS on and I can proudly say that TONIGHT they kicked some Celtic bootayyyy!!!!!!! Watching them win was quite a phenomenal experience. I was at a bar on melrose with a bunch of friends and let me just say that the city (los angeles) went crazy in those last 10 seconds. People were stopping and getting out of their cars and dancing around. So fun :)

These are some pics from game 5

Molly left today to go to Denver to speak at her sororities national convention about Kind Campaign. She will update you about her experience when she returns! Keep her in your thoughts! I know she will be amazing!


Design For Humanity

Last week we attended Billabong's Design for Humanity event supporting Invisible Children. I have mentioned the organization and some of my friends who are on staff in previous posts. The people who run Invisible Children are amazing-- so creative and passionate about what they do. Just to refresh you in case you dont remember, Invisible Children started with a documentary shot by three guys who traveled to Uganda and exposed the world to the longest running war in Africa.

Taken from their website (CLICK HERE to check the site out):
The war in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today. For the past 23 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda (GoU) have been waging a war that has left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. The GoU's attempt to protect its citizens from this rebel militia has largely failed, resulting in an entire generation of youth that has never known peace.
The event was so cool. It was held at the New York stage at the Paramount lot in LA and tons of people showed up. There was live art, a fashion show, a concert by Fischerspooner, a performance by LXD and more. Seriously one of the coolest events I have seen and we were so happy to be a part of it to support these amazing people and the revolutionary work they are doing!

love wins.

June 9, 2010


The KC world is moving...fast...and we are just trying to get everything together and catch up so that the vision for this project comes together how we hope it will. 

the doc is still tuckin along-- we've been communicating with an animator, color correctors, sound people, music people...lots of people.  but they are people who believe in the project and will use their wonderful talents to complete this film.

Molly and I had a wonderful meeting/coaching session with the lovely Amy Swift and Whitney Roberts of SMARTY.  They provided us with so much helpful information and advice for how to keep KC moving.  They also advised us to put together a Board of Directors.  We are proud to announce a portion of our board:  Whitney Roberts, Marty Stevens-Heebner, Debra Parsekian, Tetia Stroud, Debbie Angle and Samantha Marq.  There are a couple of other people we are talking to and we will let you know when they are confirmed :)  Once we have the board in tact, will we start to meet to determine who can bring what to the table to help further this whole operation.  

We met with Nick Mason of ErroThree yesterday to talk about updating our website.  He showed us his idea for a new layout and I must say....its INCREDIBLE.  The new website will have cool new interactive features, and will be really easy to navigate.  Its fresh and it pops.  We think you will be really stoked on the new ideas.

I really want you to check out Amanda Tysons new Kind Campaign bracelet!! She has a wonderful business going and she decided to create a custom KC bracelet, donating 100% of the proceeds to us!  I am wearing mine right now!  They are super cute 
and a lot of people have been ordering.  They are only 10 dollars and all the money will help finish the film and bring us into schools.  Here is a pic of the bracelet to the right and here is the link to order yours today:  Bracelets by Amanda Leigh.

We are so excited to announce our next fundraiser on June 25th 7-9pm!!! It will be held at Rock & Revolution in Malibu, CA.  Check out their BLOG too! The wonderful Cece Abel, owner of Rock & Revolution, is helping spread KIND by putting up another KC installation and throwing us an awareness night and fundraiser.  Click HERE to check out the fundraiser invite page. We would love to see you there! 

Well, off to a lunch meeting and back into the edit!!  Speaking of meetings, Molly and I had a VERYYYYYYYYY exciting meeting yesterday but we are going to keep it hush hush until things are more set in stone. Just know that there may be something HUGE around the corner and we are very excited about the prospect.  We will keep you updated.  

Have a wonderful rest of your week and check back for a new addition to our blog where we will be updating you via video messages :)  Coming soon!


Telluride 3.0

Mountainfilm i love thee.  everyday is a new adventure. everyday is a new idea. everyday is meeting new people. everyday is new. 

Last week I was in Telluride Colorado at the MountainFilm Festival.  This is my third year traveling to that festival with Tom Shadyac and the crew...the crew being just the most amazing group of people--movers, thinkers, artists...good good people with huge hearts. I love my Telluride family.  

The whole week was full of good films, good people, good conversation, good food,  laughter,
inspiration...everything you need.   Toms documentary, I Am, premiered at the festival and it was so amazing to be a part of that moment.  Him, Dagan Handy, Jackie Zampella and Nikki Pritchett have been working so hard on the film and they had all their family and friends behind them with love and support.  The doc is simply amazing.  You walk away truly wanting to be a better person. You walk away feeling changed and aware of the way you interact with other people.  I cannot wait for you all to see it.  Check out the I AM website.  The film won the student choice award and the audience choice award and they deserved it.  SO exciting.  Some other docs that really moved me that week were: Wasteland,  Bag It, Music By Prudence, Somewhere Near Tapachula and Sons of Perdition.  Check them out! 

I feel so lucky to have been a part of that festival for the last 3 years.  Each year, I come back feeling refreshed and ready for something new.  The first year I came back with the inspiration to finally take my idea of doing something about Girl World and put it into something tangible-- into a doc, into a movement.  Although I always knew I would do something about this issue, I can honestly say that without the opportunity to travel to that festival three years ago and without the life changing experience it provided, Kind Campaign and this doc probably wouldn't exist.  It literally altered my life.  It called me to action.  Thats why I am so excited to hopefully bring Finding Kind to MountainFilm next year... because that is where this whole thing was born.  It was born among the mountains and the trees and a group of incredible people who have changed my life and inspired me in so many ways. I will forever be grateful for that place and those relationships :) 


May 20, 2010


As Lauren said, it is a new week. And wow time flies. I really will get off this whole notion of time is flying and I cannot believe it, but clearly you can tell that it really just blows my mind... and since Lauren and I are both so ridiculously busy I am constantly trying to remind myself to take in all the little moments...

This week has been great. Now it is in the middle of the night Wednesday night (I seem to write a lot of blogs in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep). But, even though it's just the middle of the week a lot has happened. First of all thought, I cannot wait to see the next cut of the doc tomorrow - WHOA!!! The doc is coming closer and closer to being done as time is just flying by!! So excited to share the final cut with everyone and further the dialogue about this issue!!!!

But anyways, just today was a very busy day. Lauren and I met to shoot some pick up scenes for the doc (which we have now shot about 5 times... but the problem is that Lauren and I get so excited about talking about everything and goofing off with one another that by the end of shooting we have wayyyyyyyy too much footage that little Vegard is probably ready to kill us!) So we tried to shoot this 15 second clip yet again (but I may have messed with it once again), so we shall see how it went! But, beyond that - today was a busy day!

I started out the morning, well mid morning, with a WOLF Chat with an incredibly inspiring
organization WOLF! While we were on the road trip we met the incredible Julie Gilbert
(who just had a precious little boy!!) in New York who created this amazing group of women (and men too!). I am not going to lie though, I was doing alright until this morning when I started to get really nervous processing the reality of the situation - me talking for twenty minutes straight amongst incredibly talented women. But, thankfully Christine Otte helped out so incredibly much (whether she knew talking to me about where I am currently living in Westlake Village would ease my nerves or not - it did and she was amazing!). Anyways, the WOLF Chat went great and I was so incredibly honored to be the speaker for this week's chat and thankful to count my name among the women involved in WOLF.

After the WOLF Chat, Lauren and I met for those pick up shots that I was talking about before, but then we went to meet the wonderful Cece Abel of Malibu's Rock and Revolution. This store (check them out on facebook!!!) is where the next Kind Campaign installation is going up and we couldn't be more excited about it! Not only because we feel
like Malibu is a part of us since that is where Kind Campaign originated, but also because of this store and the people -- we cannot wait to spend more time with them, but also to spread the KINDness to Malibu! We will fill you in on further details about the installation and an upcoming event in June!

After the meeting was a very sad farewell that I unfortunately missed out on
(but it's probably for the best because I am no good at goodbyes because I just cry my eyes out). But our wonderfully incredible Patti Grandidge (former Kind Campaign secretary and treasurer) is heading home to the beautiful Manila, Philippines. We are so, so happy for her, but of course so incredibly sad to see her go! We love you so incredibly much Patti and are going to miss you more than words can express - you mean the world to us.

Anyways, now that I am crying, it's time to go to bed. Another day comes very soon, which means more time to hold onto and treasure. Treasure yourself, your life, and the amazing people around you who love you and who without, you would be lost.


May 17, 2010

a new week

a new batch of things to be done...

film is truckin along... working with animators and graphic designers, music and clip licensing, figuring out who to work with for color correction and sound mixing and DVD creation/duplication....sooo much to be done. Its a non-stop job but I really enjoy every second of it. Good thing is there are good people and friends who do all these things and are helping out. Vegards knows people for sound and color so hes got some great contacts that are making the process easier. Cant wait to have this finished! We should have a new cut done this week... With all we have added and adjusted from the previous assembly cut, it will be heaps better.

Molly and I were invited to be members of an amazing organization/community of women called SMARTY. Its a community for entrepreneurial women to meet other like-minded people, gain connection, support, advice...they have events and coaching sessions. Its really amazing. This is from the website:

SMARTY: [noun, American, 2009] pron. “smahr-tee”

  1. Independent, of mind and spirit.
  2. A freelancer, entrepreneur, free agent, consultant, sole-practitioner.
  3. Identifies with #1. Can see a future in #2.

Check out the website! SMARTY.


May 11, 2010

Assembly Cut

The editing is still going really well :) At the end of last week, Vegard and I watched a rough assembly cut of the film from beginning to end. It was so crazy to sit there and watch what we have tirelessly worked on in some sort of structured piece...of course, there is still a lot of work to do. The fact that there was no music or animation or stock footage yet-- we were literally watching a bunch of talking heads-- I was never bored or tired of the film. Thats a very good sign. Dude. I CANNOT WAIIIIIIITTTTT to add music. The next day, I went to Vegards and he showed me one of the end scenes with some music laid down and I was completely overwhelmed by how different it felt (in a good way). It really blew me away.

Last week, Mollys finace Chris and I took down our Fred Segal installation. It went by so fast!!! It feels like Molly and I put that up 2 weeks ago! We are just so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fred Segal Santa Monica store. Darrylynn from Zerominusplus has been so generous with the space in her store. The whole process was such a great experience.

Well, I have to get ready-- running around all day-- meeting with Matt Finelli (very talented friend who is making an aweeeesomeee graphic for the doc) then shooting to Vegards then off to Malibu for the night!! One of my closest friends Patti Grandidge (who also works for KC) is moving back to Asia-- her family, friends and boyfriend live there...she came to Cali for Pepperdine which is where I met her-- A big group of my friends are going to Dukes for tacos and to soak up as much Patti as we can before she leaves us. Im so sad about her leaving :(

One more thing before I go--We are looking for some art to use as cut-aways during the doc. (it doesnt have to be professional ) if you or if you have a daughter who wants to draw a picture of what "Girl World" means to her, please email lauren@kindcampaign.com and I will give you an address to send it too. The picture can be any interpretation of Girl World, or an experience that you or she has been through... We are going to include some of these in the documentary and if yours isnt chosen for the film, we will put it up on our website :)


May 3, 2010


I tried to submit our Pepsi Refresh Application for the third time and didnt make the 1,000 submission cut-off. Although what Pepsi is doing is incredible (donating millions of dollars to organizations and people with ideas) the whole process has been really frustrating. I finally realized that once you click submit at 9:00 on the 1st of each month, you are basically putting yourself into a lottery pool. I just know that if we made the 1,000 we would do well, and maybe even win the grant. God knows we need it right now...things are tight. I know everything will come together though.

On a happier note, I met with an amazing girl last week who has an unreal connection to the BBC and she is now back in London with our pitch DVD, putting it into the hands of the right people. To think, our doc could be shown on the BBC. That is an insane thought- but I believe in that thought- and SHE really believes in it too :) Ill keep you updated with that prospects progress.

Happy for another sunny day :)


April 28, 2010

things are happening.

Man, life is wild. Sometimes I look around me and everything seems so surreal. Did Lauren and I really travel around the country? Are we really planning on doing it again? Am I really graduated from college? Am I an adult or something? I have to stop myself from asking these questions because it starts me spinning into future mode (which isn’t necessarily bad), but I need to just constantly remind myself to live in the moment. Time is flying by and I can’t stop this train (shout out to John Mayer), but just live… right now… in the moment.

That’s what I did this weekend. Lauren mentioned in her last blog that I had a little surprise up my sleeve for Saturday afternoon and I sure did, so I figured I would let y’all in on it! I asked Lauren to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!!! It was a glorious Saturday afternoon – the weather was perfect – and we went to an amazing hidden gem in Malibu called Malibu Family Winery. We had an amazing day where I tried to do just that – live in the moment. The incredible moment of love, friendship, beauty, nature, happiness…all things that make me smile. Oh, and thankfully Laur said YES to being a bridesmaid : ) – so I was very excited!!

I think another reason why I am just blown away by life is because: the end of this week marks a year of Lauren and I being graduates of Pepperdine University.
I just cannot believe it. I think I am in denial that I am a graduate in the first place, so the fact that it’s been an entire year and I cannot say that I am fresh out of college nauseates me while also brings tears to my eyes. I was on Pepperdine’s campus last week showing a friend from home around (she was trying to decide on colleges… but now she has decided on Pepperdine – yay!). I digress – I was on Pepperdine’s campus and they had already started setting up for graduation and I am probably embarrassing myself by saying this, but it brought me to tears. Just a year ago, we graduated and within the past year, we traveled across the country and filmed a documentary. It blows my mind that now, a year later, we are in post on the doc and are once again starting the cycle over by planning another road trip to launch the school programs and premiere the film… WILD!

Oh man… good things are happening all around. Another one of those GREAT things is an incredible company called Bella Royale has agreed to sponsor Kind Campaign by giving their customers 10% off their amazing skin care products, while also donating 20% of each purchase to Kind Campaign! *Just use the coupon code bekind at check out!!* Visit http://www.bellaroyale.com for more information about the amazing company and incredible skin care line!! This is HUGE for us since we are paying out to so many things right now (post production on the documentary and everything that comes along with traveling across the country) so we THANK the incredible women at Bella Royale SO much!

Like I said… things are happening. I am heading out of town so I hope y’all have an amazing next couple of weeks!!! And momma and meme… since I will be gone and won’t be able to call you... HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
*For those of you wondering… Mother’s Day is May 9th. Do something KIND for your Mom – she is an incredible woman!

love love love,

April 23, 2010

Fundraisers, Concerts, Kind and the Weeks Endddd

SOOOOO excited for the weekend!!! Its been a really long but VERY productive week. I am going to Vegards in a little to edit and I cant wait. We are at that stage where every minute of the edit becomes more and more exciting because the film is developing so quickly now. yay! :)

Yesterday I had lunch with Jack (one of our producers on the film and my dear/bun friend) and his good friend Susie Spain. She runs the non-profit Angels at Risk. We are talking about coming together to have a fundraiser/awareness night concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood. We were talking about people to play the concert and Jack was throwing some really amazing names around...Edward Sharpe being one of them :) Nothing is set and stone...not even the actual show...there is A LOT that we need to work on to make this happen. But its in the works and just the conversation is exciting!!! We are thinking of doing it in the beginning of September to kick off the school program road trip.

I havent seen Molly since lasttttt...what was it...Wednesday!!! 9 days ago! Sadness!!! wait... that is a lie. haha I saw her Tuesday at our meeting with Carolyn Himes. Speaking of Carolyn Himes... We have our next fundraiser on SUNDAY JUNE 6th from 4-6pm at Haute Cakes Cafe in Newport Beach!! Its going to be awesome and we want all of you there. You can come hear us speak and watch a bit of the documentary. We are also looking for sponsors who are interested in helping fund the school program and documentary post production. You can come to the fundraiser to be a part of this. Or, you can visit our website and donate!! Here is the link: DONATE We would love to meet all of you on June 6th! Here is a link to the Haute Cakes website so you can see the location of the event: Haute Cakes

So back to the weekend-- I am going to see my roommate/bestie sing in a KIIS FM concert/competition tonight!! The winner gets to sing at Wango Tango! I know she is going to win, caaaaause she rules. Her name is Samantha Marq and you have to check her out!!

Tomorrow I am meeting at Molly at 2:00 and I actually dont know what it is for because she is being secretive about it. So I will let you know at the end of the weekend what its all about.

Sunday I am going to see my good aussie friends, Stefan and Jonno, and their new documentary film Somewhere Near Tapachula, premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I have seen a cut but am soooooo stoked to see the final product. It will be super inspiring to watch. Check out the trailer. Its such an important film that everyone should see.

Aiiighttt. Have a wonderful weekend! Do a random act of KINDness :)

Love Wins.

April 20, 2010


Yesterday Vegard and I worked for about 8 hours on the doc. I love those long days in the edit. Man. I am so excited about this film. We have a first cut pretty much finished...its a 3 hours movie at the moment. But little by little we are chipping away at each section, adding things, taking things away, and integrating new ideas. Its so hard to go through all the footage and watch so many amazing stories and have to choose which ones to put in. Some of my favorite moments and interviews from the road trip cant be in the film- for various reasons...doesnt fit, we already have a similar interview, sound issue etc...-- and it KILLS me! I just want a 150 hour film with everything we have ever shot. no. that would be terrible... but you know what I mean.

I cant wait to add all the music to the film. I was watching the first act yesterday all the way through and I didnt even realize there wasnt music playing until after... thats a good thing. I was watching and felt really emotional and thought "dang. this is really good". but usually when you edit, its the music that really drive those emotions home. I realized while watching that the music is going to be an extra bonus...something that makes it even better...not something that makes the film. The film could do without music and that realization affirms to me that we have a pretty sweet little doc goin.

welp, everything is great with the doc. still need some significant funding but I am hoping with some prospects we have going, that will be taken care of. fingers crossed :)

love wins.

update update update


Well, at least this time it hasn't been a whole month before a blog... so we are getting better... right?!? Not really, but just know that we are trying to keep y'all updated!!

We had an amazing event at Fred Segal! Thank you so much to
everyone who came out to support us - it was such an amazing and inspiring feeling to be in a room surrounded by such amazing people! We had such incredible and uplifting conversations that night and we cannot wait to see what happens with the new
friends that we made! A special thank you to Darrylynn with the Good Works Space, at Zero Minus Plus, within Fred Segal. Also, thank you so much to Westlake Custom Framing for doing such an
amazing job with our frames for the installation!! Also, another shout out to Pro Lab Digital for helping us with more printing and creating the banner for the installation!!! We could not be where we are right now without the constant help of others! Thank you thank you thank you!!

I am going to wrap this up because I am about to leave to go to Lauren's to get some work done on this school program road trip tour! We are so excited about it and fingers crossed, hoping, and praying that sponsors/funding comes through so that we are able to do this road trip and reach as many schools/people as possible in the shortest amount of time! After that Lauren and I are heading down to Newport for a meeting with an amazing woman that we met at the Fred Segal event! We are meeting with her to talk about a possible fundraiser down in Newport in the next month or so... so we are very excited!

We will keep you posted with more updates soon! If you haven't had a chance -- check out our channel on youtube!!!

Have an amazing day!

love love love,

April 7, 2010

Come to our event at Fred Segal Santa Monica this Friday!!! Its going to awesome! Red Carpet, drinks, musical performances, Kind Campaign talk/info/documentary clips/installation, merchandise, Umami Burger, Fred Segal.... heck yes!

Join the event facebook group by clicking here!!!

April 5, 2010


Its always crazy to realize how quickly time flies. When I go to write these blogs, I realize how much time has gone by and I feel so bad!!! However, in light of the last couple months, its hard to feel bad about anything relating to Kind Campaign. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for this project, the change it is making and all of the people involved.

Anyway, here is a rundown of some important things that have been going on and I PROMISE we will be better about posting from now on!

Editing has been so fun! Me and Vegard are working really well together and just this last week have restructured how we are approaching the story a bit. The new idea works so much better and will make for a better film. I wasn't sure what the editing process would be like with so much footage, or how hard it would be to create a story out of so many smaller stories...but...it's happening and its working and the only issue we are running into is having too much good footage to choose from...not a bad problem to have :)

A few weeks ago, Molly and I went down to Palm Desert to watch the Young Woman Ambassador groups present their Kind Campaign projects. To be honest, I dont know that Molly or I knew exactly what was going to take place that night. What we ended up witnessing was about 50 girls who have taken Kind Campaign and created their own projects/versions of KC to
integrate the movement into their own schools and communities. The girls put so much time and work into their projects. There were multiple times where I couldn't help but tear up because of the overwhelmingly honored feeling I had while sitting in that room. They created their own mini-documentaries, had KIND week at their schools, had their whole student body dress in pink, created their own version of Kind Magazine...there were so many amazing projects. I think Molly and I left with some new ideas because their projects were so innovative! It was
just so crazy to see how a seed was planted and how its branches are extending into schools and communities in this way. The fact that we weren't even aware that there were Kind weeks taking place in schools to celebrate Kind Campaigns message...yea, I really dont know how to describe how happy that makes me.

This Friday, Fred Segal Santa Monica is hosting a Kind Campaign fundraiser/awareness night!!!!! We installed an installation into the store last week to raise awareness and funds, so the event is also serving as an official launch for the installation. (if you live
around santa monica,
CA, go check out the installation- it will be there until May 6th) We are going to have a lot of cool things going on at the event- a silent auction, live music from Samantha Marq
and Nicole Vaughn, drinks, documentary footage, the installation, merchandise, and of course, Molly and I will be speaking about our upcoming plans for the film and school program. Which brings me to the next important bit of information!!!....

Once we put word out that we are going to launch our school program this Fall we received insane amounts of emails from teachers and schools all over the country wanting us to come speak and screen the film. We realized trying to go to all of these places is going to be hard unless we go back on the road. Sooooo that is what we are doing! This September-December we are going on a Kind Campaign road trip 2.0 to hit hundreds of schools and screen the film around the country. It will be an amazing 4 month journey and we are ready for it!! One of the major goals of this project has been to provide these school assemblies and to offer them FREE OF CHARGE. We have began planning the logistics of our schedule but now have some serious money to raise to over the next few months to make this all happen. It will happen though... I have realized when Molly and I put our minds to something, it happens. end of story :) Anyway, I cannot WAIT to get back on the road and hopefully go visit some one of the schools we met with on our first KC road trip. A new adventure awaits!!!

I think one of the most important things to mention right now is the suicide of Phoebe Prince. Her death is a grave reminder of the fatal consequences of girl-against-girl "crime", but even further, its a reminder to ALL OF US that THE WAY WE TREAT OTHERS does have CONSEQUENCES. I feel for her family and everyone in her life. I wish she knew she wasn't alone and that she would be okay. There isnt much I can say because its honestly so upsetting to think about... All I can hope for is that her death will be a wake up call for a lot of people. Check out this link to read more about this story: http://www.truecrimereport.com/2010/01/phoebe_prince_15_commits_suici.php


March 2, 2010

It's Already March!?!

Well hello!

It's been quite some time since you've heard from me : (! Things have been a bit crazy/hectic since returning from the road trip (as Lauren amazingly recapped!!)! If you missed it -- since returning I have spent two months living in New York, got engaged over Thanksgiving in
Paris, and have since moved back to California!! Thankfully, I am getting settled in and things are coming back to a somewhat normalcy! I definitely missed sunny CA, and phone calls with Lauren just weren't enough! We had a great time in Dallas catching up (see pic from NCL TickTocker Day!!!) and I have loved being back close by! But, I will say that nothing beats the days when we were within walking distance of each other...oh the glorious days of college!!!

Anyways, just wanted to say hello, let you know that I am still alive and well, and I am thinking about all of you!!! I am SO incredibly excited about the amazing things Kind Campaign is doing right now! If you haven't checked out the trailer yet -- you've got to ASAP! Lauren and Vegard have been working non-stop to make it absolutely perfect... and let me just say that even after watching it a million times I am still brought to tears and blown away!! Also, we just finished finalizing the School Program Assembly Information Packet, so we are going to start working with districts to launch the school program in the fall!

I just loaded a bunch of pictures on my computer from the past couple of months and stumbled upon a pretty cool picture from our assembly at Marywood Palm Valley -- which Lauren already talked about, but let me just reiterate -- it was AMAZING!!! Check out some of the pics from that

Alright, I am done rambling on about my excitement and love for KC and you all! Hope everyone is having an amazing day and a great start to the week!

love love love,

Kind Scholarship/Grant Winner!!!

It's official!! We announced the winner of the very FIRST Kind Magazine Scholarship/Grant winner yesterday and it is.... drum roll....BRIGITTE BAVOUSETT!!!

Brigitte Bavousett has been awarded the scholarship/grant for her amazing story in our third issue of Kind Magazine. Her story is interesting, honest and most importantly HOPEFUL. She shows us that being yourself and standing up for what you believe in is the most important thing. She was bold, brave and unrelenting during a very tough experience.

Read her amazing story here:


Thank you to all of the girls and women who wrote to Kind Magazine. Your stories are all amazing and add so much to each issue. By sharing your experiences, you are helping so many girls! Thank you thank you thank you! We really, really appreciate each and every one of you!!!!

Be sure to send your stories to kindmag@kindcampaign.com to be in the running for our next scholarship/grant cycle!

Hope everyone is having a KIND day!!

KINDly, Kind Campaign

February 19, 2010

Kind Scholorship

It's the end of the first KC year (we had our one year old birthday on FEB 11th) and we are getting ready to pick our KIND MAGAZINE scholarship winner!!! This means that one of the girls who wrote in to Kind Magazine will receive a check from KC to thank her for being brave and sharing her story! :) If you dont know about the KC scholarship, check out the rules within any of the Kind Magazines (its at the end of the magazine and its called Kind Scholarships):


On February 28th we will be announcing the grant/scholarship winner!

The next round of scholarships will be given out in August. The more stories we get for Kind Magazine, the more money we will give out.

SEND YOUR STORY TO kindmag@kindcampaign.com

Lauren and Molly

just thinking.

I always end up writing these really late...hmm.

Things have been crazy. In a good way. The film is coming along...slowly but surely. We are set up to start touring through various school districts this Fall which is so exciting-- that was the goal of this entire project so it's amazing to see that its actually happening. Molly sent me a Press Package that she has been working on and its been really amazing. We are going to include that within the school proposal we are sending out.

There are really so many exciting things going on and things that have happened over the last month. We held three separate assemblies at a school in Palm Desert about two weeks ago. Its was AMAZING. There were so many girls reconcile friendships, crying, hugging, and smiling after we finished. There were a group of girls who came up to us and told us that their group of friends had been in an ongoing fight for two years and that after the assembly was the first time they had talked. They were so excited to get past the grudge they had been holding. There were girls who stood up in front of their peers and read the Kind Apologies and Kind Cards out loud. It was so cool to witness. The local news came too and covered the whole assembly. They put together some really good news packages. Check them out here: