July 23, 2009

Love My Girls :)

Patti Molly and I just met and had a wonderful meeting. Covered all the bases and are getting ready for this wild adventure! The three of us have a great work dynamic...it flows :)  

Getting ready for Young Life camp this weekend! I can't wait to meet the girls.  I know the week will bring inspiration, amazing footage and fun times :)

I had a VERY exciting phone call this morning with a girl who works at Time Magazine.  She is pitching the story of Kind Campaign and the Documentary to the company.  Fingers Crossed!!!!! 

Its a beautiful day today. I'm feeling overwhelmingly blessed.

Love Wins.

July 22, 2009


I am sitting in Barnes and Noble/Starbucks right now.  And I am very happy.

I have been working non-stop the past couple of days getting everything organized.  Last week before heading out to a friend's wedding that I was in, I sent out our proposal to schools and organizations across the county - VERY EXCITING!  So, since I have returned from the wedding I have loved seeing the wonderful responses from the different people at the schools and organizations.  Just a heads up - basically this proposal went out to tons and tons of people all across the country to create liaisons and contacts for places that we will go along the road trip.  So, right now is the time where we are finalizing who we will talk to in each of the cities.  All of this of course seems so surreal right now, but very exciting at the same time.  I am loving, loving, loving work right now.  Haha, it's funny that I am even calling it work -- it doesn't feel like work at all.  But, I guess that is what happens when you love what you do.  

I have never actually come here to work before.  Not even to study while I was in school.  But, now I am questioning that decision -- it is so wonderful!  Great environment, great mood, interesting people.  Anyways, I should get back to "work" : )

Have a KIND day.

love love love,

July 18, 2009


I am excited about two things right now. First off, I am getting a Sony Ex1! Its an amazing camera that will surely increase the production value of the documentary.  I am stoked because I always have so many little things I want to shoot and because I have been borrowing cameras for the KIND doc, I don't always have them with me.  Now I can start thinking about the other projects I want to do after this doc! I am so happy. 

More importantly, I am going to a Young Life camp as a leader next week! Young Life is a youth organization that I was involved with throughout my life, first as a student and later as a leader/mentor. I got a call yesterday informing me that they have a spot for me if I want to go next week as a leader. My immediate reaction was 'Lauren, you have way too much work to do' ...we are leaving in less than a month and a half. SCARY! but exciting :)  As I thought about it, I realized WHY NOT (my new life moto)?!?! This is the PERFECT way to balance myself before we hit the road.  Every summer that I left a Young Life camp, I returned with a new and fresh perspective.  I could not think of a better way to find inspiration and meaning for this doc than to be a leader at a camp for a large group of young girls.  

Im excited because I get to bring my camera to shoot too! I will definitely get some compelling footage for the doc :) 

Love Wins.
Lauren P

July 11, 2009

My new favorite quote...

Give to humanity like the Autumn gives leaves

...such an interesting and compelling visual.

Love wins.

July 10, 2009

Early Morning

Its another beautiful day in Los Angeles :) I woke up early today to get some pre production work done before I head off to a meeting with a publicist (crossing my fingers) and then home to see the family for the weekend. Im currently looking through our detailed documentary city list schedule (beautifully complied by the one and only Molly Stroud :) ) and my excitement is through the roof. 

I know we have said this a million times all over the website, facebook groups, twitter etc., but if you have a story that you want to share within the documentary, click on the city list attachment within the homepage of this website  (www.kindcampaign.com) and contact either of the following:

Me (Lauren Parsekian)
President, Kind Campaign
Director/Producer, Girl World (working title)

Molly Stroud
VP, Kind Campaign
Producer, Girl World (working title)

Patti Grandidge
Secretary/Treasurer, Kind Campaign
Line Producer, Girl World (working title)

We would LOVE for you to be a part of this adventure!  Again, we leave September 1st-October 10th. Cannot wait!

Love Wins.

July 8, 2009

So Happy

Sitting at my desk...ipod in ears...seeing this documentary play out through my head...

Directing my first documentary is a bit daunting but I am so ready for this. I can't wait to share this story with the world.  This issue is something that I have wanted to expose since I was in middle school.  I remember sitting in my bathroom at the age of 13, writing in my diary about my horrific daily experiences.  One of the only things that got me through the day was the fact that I knew I was going to use my experience with girl-against-girl "crime" to one day spread awareness and make a change. Sitting here now as I envision this documentary...I really can't explain the joy I'm filled with at this very moment.  

Here are a few songs that have really helped inspire the feel and tone of the doc thus far:

Breathe Me- Sia
Life in Technicolor- Coldplay
Love Like a Sunset pt2- Phoenix
Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder
We Own the Sky- M83

Enjoy :)

Love Wins.

Great Meeting

First of all, I want to start off by saying that this is my very first blog, ever, so I am a little bit nervous.  With that said, Lauren and I just finished a very successful meeting!!  We started it off by rapping.  Yes, rapping.  Where it came from, I am really not sure, but it was definitely the highlight of the meeting.  Maybe you will see the rap in the future, as we started filming pre-production today so it was caught on tape.  We went through the schedule/calendar, which will be posted soon - so we are very excited and anxious to hit the road!  We had a great brainstorming session, which started and ended with some wonderful music.  As I have quickly learned, Lauren visualizes and creates best when she is listening to music.  Prepare yourself for a very exciting/inspiring Kind Campaign Doc soundtrack.  Today's meeting was much needed.  Not in the work sense, although we did get a TON done.  But, more in the fun/friendly sense.  We spent a lot of today goofing off, catching up, and sharing stories -- which was probably my favorite part.  As we are wrapping up and responding to some very encouraging emails - I am excited for what the future holds.  It is time to lock down a car, lock down some funds, and lock down the schedule.  

love love love,

July 6, 2009

Kind Campaign Fundraiser!

I just left the venue where we will be holding our next fundraiser.  Its going to be so great.  The church I used to go to in Laguna (its called Sanctuary) is putting it on and I know its going to be an amazing way to spread the word and to get things together before we hit the road.  The official date for the fundraiser is August 14th at Coconuts in Capo Beach, CA.  We will post more details when the date approaches. If you are in the area, you gotta come and show your support! There will be live music, food, drink, awesome people and good times all around.  Cant wait :)


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doc road trip

Getting prepared for this documentary road-trip has been quite a feat, but we are all working so hard to make it the best it can possibly be.  We are so excited for the adventure we are about to embark on and even more exited to get people across the country involved in the campaign and the documentary! 

Once we hit the road on September 1st, we will be updating you guys with information on our whereabouts and will let you know what sort of things we are experiencing on the road.

For now, stay tuned for updates, information about how to get involved and a look into the world of Kind Campaign!!!!