July 18, 2009


I am excited about two things right now. First off, I am getting a Sony Ex1! Its an amazing camera that will surely increase the production value of the documentary.  I am stoked because I always have so many little things I want to shoot and because I have been borrowing cameras for the KIND doc, I don't always have them with me.  Now I can start thinking about the other projects I want to do after this doc! I am so happy. 

More importantly, I am going to a Young Life camp as a leader next week! Young Life is a youth organization that I was involved with throughout my life, first as a student and later as a leader/mentor. I got a call yesterday informing me that they have a spot for me if I want to go next week as a leader. My immediate reaction was 'Lauren, you have way too much work to do' ...we are leaving in less than a month and a half. SCARY! but exciting :)  As I thought about it, I realized WHY NOT (my new life moto)?!?! This is the PERFECT way to balance myself before we hit the road.  Every summer that I left a Young Life camp, I returned with a new and fresh perspective.  I could not think of a better way to find inspiration and meaning for this doc than to be a leader at a camp for a large group of young girls.  

Im excited because I get to bring my camera to shoot too! I will definitely get some compelling footage for the doc :) 

Love Wins.
Lauren P

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