February 19, 2010

Kind Scholorship

It's the end of the first KC year (we had our one year old birthday on FEB 11th) and we are getting ready to pick our KIND MAGAZINE scholarship winner!!! This means that one of the girls who wrote in to Kind Magazine will receive a check from KC to thank her for being brave and sharing her story! :) If you dont know about the KC scholarship, check out the rules within any of the Kind Magazines (its at the end of the magazine and its called Kind Scholarships):


On February 28th we will be announcing the grant/scholarship winner!

The next round of scholarships will be given out in August. The more stories we get for Kind Magazine, the more money we will give out.

SEND YOUR STORY TO kindmag@kindcampaign.com

Lauren and Molly

just thinking.

I always end up writing these really late...hmm.

Things have been crazy. In a good way. The film is coming along...slowly but surely. We are set up to start touring through various school districts this Fall which is so exciting-- that was the goal of this entire project so it's amazing to see that its actually happening. Molly sent me a Press Package that she has been working on and its been really amazing. We are going to include that within the school proposal we are sending out.

There are really so many exciting things going on and things that have happened over the last month. We held three separate assemblies at a school in Palm Desert about two weeks ago. Its was AMAZING. There were so many girls reconcile friendships, crying, hugging, and smiling after we finished. There were a group of girls who came up to us and told us that their group of friends had been in an ongoing fight for two years and that after the assembly was the first time they had talked. They were so excited to get past the grudge they had been holding. There were girls who stood up in front of their peers and read the Kind Apologies and Kind Cards out loud. It was so cool to witness. The local news came too and covered the whole assembly. They put together some really good news packages. Check them out here: