May 20, 2010


As Lauren said, it is a new week. And wow time flies. I really will get off this whole notion of time is flying and I cannot believe it, but clearly you can tell that it really just blows my mind... and since Lauren and I are both so ridiculously busy I am constantly trying to remind myself to take in all the little moments...

This week has been great. Now it is in the middle of the night Wednesday night (I seem to write a lot of blogs in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep). But, even though it's just the middle of the week a lot has happened. First of all thought, I cannot wait to see the next cut of the doc tomorrow - WHOA!!! The doc is coming closer and closer to being done as time is just flying by!! So excited to share the final cut with everyone and further the dialogue about this issue!!!!

But anyways, just today was a very busy day. Lauren and I met to shoot some pick up scenes for the doc (which we have now shot about 5 times... but the problem is that Lauren and I get so excited about talking about everything and goofing off with one another that by the end of shooting we have wayyyyyyyy too much footage that little Vegard is probably ready to kill us!) So we tried to shoot this 15 second clip yet again (but I may have messed with it once again), so we shall see how it went! But, beyond that - today was a busy day!

I started out the morning, well mid morning, with a WOLF Chat with an incredibly inspiring
organization WOLF! While we were on the road trip we met the incredible Julie Gilbert
(who just had a precious little boy!!) in New York who created this amazing group of women (and men too!). I am not going to lie though, I was doing alright until this morning when I started to get really nervous processing the reality of the situation - me talking for twenty minutes straight amongst incredibly talented women. But, thankfully Christine Otte helped out so incredibly much (whether she knew talking to me about where I am currently living in Westlake Village would ease my nerves or not - it did and she was amazing!). Anyways, the WOLF Chat went great and I was so incredibly honored to be the speaker for this week's chat and thankful to count my name among the women involved in WOLF.

After the WOLF Chat, Lauren and I met for those pick up shots that I was talking about before, but then we went to meet the wonderful Cece Abel of Malibu's Rock and Revolution. This store (check them out on facebook!!!) is where the next Kind Campaign installation is going up and we couldn't be more excited about it! Not only because we feel
like Malibu is a part of us since that is where Kind Campaign originated, but also because of this store and the people -- we cannot wait to spend more time with them, but also to spread the KINDness to Malibu! We will fill you in on further details about the installation and an upcoming event in June!

After the meeting was a very sad farewell that I unfortunately missed out on
(but it's probably for the best because I am no good at goodbyes because I just cry my eyes out). But our wonderfully incredible Patti Grandidge (former Kind Campaign secretary and treasurer) is heading home to the beautiful Manila, Philippines. We are so, so happy for her, but of course so incredibly sad to see her go! We love you so incredibly much Patti and are going to miss you more than words can express - you mean the world to us.

Anyways, now that I am crying, it's time to go to bed. Another day comes very soon, which means more time to hold onto and treasure. Treasure yourself, your life, and the amazing people around you who love you and who without, you would be lost.


May 17, 2010

a new week

a new batch of things to be done...

film is truckin along... working with animators and graphic designers, music and clip licensing, figuring out who to work with for color correction and sound mixing and DVD creation/duplication....sooo much to be done. Its a non-stop job but I really enjoy every second of it. Good thing is there are good people and friends who do all these things and are helping out. Vegards knows people for sound and color so hes got some great contacts that are making the process easier. Cant wait to have this finished! We should have a new cut done this week... With all we have added and adjusted from the previous assembly cut, it will be heaps better.

Molly and I were invited to be members of an amazing organization/community of women called SMARTY. Its a community for entrepreneurial women to meet other like-minded people, gain connection, support, advice...they have events and coaching sessions. Its really amazing. This is from the website:

SMARTY: [noun, American, 2009] pron. “smahr-tee”

  1. Independent, of mind and spirit.
  2. A freelancer, entrepreneur, free agent, consultant, sole-practitioner.
  3. Identifies with #1. Can see a future in #2.

Check out the website! SMARTY.


May 11, 2010

Assembly Cut

The editing is still going really well :) At the end of last week, Vegard and I watched a rough assembly cut of the film from beginning to end. It was so crazy to sit there and watch what we have tirelessly worked on in some sort of structured piece...of course, there is still a lot of work to do. The fact that there was no music or animation or stock footage yet-- we were literally watching a bunch of talking heads-- I was never bored or tired of the film. Thats a very good sign. Dude. I CANNOT WAIIIIIIITTTTT to add music. The next day, I went to Vegards and he showed me one of the end scenes with some music laid down and I was completely overwhelmed by how different it felt (in a good way). It really blew me away.

Last week, Mollys finace Chris and I took down our Fred Segal installation. It went by so fast!!! It feels like Molly and I put that up 2 weeks ago! We are just so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fred Segal Santa Monica store. Darrylynn from Zerominusplus has been so generous with the space in her store. The whole process was such a great experience.

Well, I have to get ready-- running around all day-- meeting with Matt Finelli (very talented friend who is making an aweeeesomeee graphic for the doc) then shooting to Vegards then off to Malibu for the night!! One of my closest friends Patti Grandidge (who also works for KC) is moving back to Asia-- her family, friends and boyfriend live there...she came to Cali for Pepperdine which is where I met her-- A big group of my friends are going to Dukes for tacos and to soak up as much Patti as we can before she leaves us. Im so sad about her leaving :(

One more thing before I go--We are looking for some art to use as cut-aways during the doc. (it doesnt have to be professional ) if you or if you have a daughter who wants to draw a picture of what "Girl World" means to her, please email and I will give you an address to send it too. The picture can be any interpretation of Girl World, or an experience that you or she has been through... We are going to include some of these in the documentary and if yours isnt chosen for the film, we will put it up on our website :)


May 3, 2010


I tried to submit our Pepsi Refresh Application for the third time and didnt make the 1,000 submission cut-off. Although what Pepsi is doing is incredible (donating millions of dollars to organizations and people with ideas) the whole process has been really frustrating. I finally realized that once you click submit at 9:00 on the 1st of each month, you are basically putting yourself into a lottery pool. I just know that if we made the 1,000 we would do well, and maybe even win the grant. God knows we need it right now...things are tight. I know everything will come together though.

On a happier note, I met with an amazing girl last week who has an unreal connection to the BBC and she is now back in London with our pitch DVD, putting it into the hands of the right people. To think, our doc could be shown on the BBC. That is an insane thought- but I believe in that thought- and SHE really believes in it too :) Ill keep you updated with that prospects progress.

Happy for another sunny day :)