September 28, 2009

Week One: Molly's Perspective

** Disclaimer: I realize that this is long overdue and very dated. I started writing this when I said, but have added onto it as the weeks have flown by, so please forgive me the lack of continuity. **

Wow. Wow. Wow. There are really no other words. It has been a week since we left. An entire week, has flown by in the blink of an eye. I cannot believe we are already a week into our trip! And this is my first blog – oh no! I apologize!! But, Lauren has done an amazing job of recapping the events of this past week! I must learn how to incorporate photos – they add so much to the blog. Not to be repetitive, but to share other bits and pieces from the past week, I will quickly recap. I must get better about blogging each day. We are both so busy each day, we must force one another to carve out time to blog. Anyways, onto this past week.

The send off breakfast was so much fun, but not only that, it was so inspiring. Here are a lot of the people who have made this happen and support what we are doing, all gathered together in one room to see us off on this amazing journey. It was a very surreal moment for me, much like all of this has been. Once we said our goodbyes, one in particular was very sad for me (miss you Chris : ) ) we were off and that was that. In a matter of moments, we had just begun a journey that we had spent the past four months extensively planning. Just like that. We headed to Clovis, California for our very first interview to kick things off. I am so thrilled that everything worked out for us to meet with Rebekah, the beautiful young woman we met the week prior on Dr. Phil. It was a perfect beginning to this trip, and I was so thrilled to see her, her mother, Peggy, and her brother once again. She has such strength and I just know she is going to do beautiful things in her future.

From there we set off to Naan and Pop’s (Sue and Gary Martin) house. My dear good friend Jessica Ross’s (I guess now Hall : ) ) grandparents opened their beautiful home in Gilroy to us to spend our very first night of the road trip. Of course we would have made it there sooner if my iPhone hadn’t rerouted us to the IBM Research Center in I don’t even know where. Thankfully, my mom and I had just been in Gilroy for Jess’s wedding and when I told her that Naan and Pop lived right by the church she realized that we were no where near their house! I got Naan on the phone immediately and she set us straight in our mistaken directions. Finally we arrived at their beautiful house where open arms, an amazing meal, and great conversation awaited.

Wednesday morning we had our first school assembly at Ceiba College Prep in Watsonville, which I was extremely nervous about for some reason. But, thank you Pepperdine for Public Speaking 101! Thankfully all went well and it was a huge learning experience for both of us. After that we had to replace the little trailer box on the back of the car, which we had name Chucky, with a new rooftop storage space, now named Rocky. Chucky was bringing us down, literally. But, thanks to Tony and Matt at Outdoor World in Santa Cruz – they helped us find the perfect storage container for the top of the car! Trying to close it every morning is a sight to see, as many times one of us ends up sitting on the top of the car, on top of Rocky, in order to push it closed enough to lock. After we ditched Chucky and gained Rocky we headed to Martinez, CA to meet with Shannon. She contacted us because she heard about Kind Campaign through a friend that we went to Pepperdine with and wanted to get involved. She was such a treat to interview and talk with – and as Lauren mentioned, we were able to convince her to sing the National Anthem at the end of the interview – she has a beautiful voice! We left Shannon’s and headed to San Fran!!! I have been to SF once before and loved it, and this trip was no different. I just wished (as I do with every place we go to) we had more time. But, I feel like we made the most of the short time we had – we had an uplifting group discussion with three awesome girls – Susan, Paula, and Megan, danced on the streets of San Fran to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, then went to dinner with Jonno and his girlfriend and ate some of the best food at a hidden treasure - the House of Nanking, stopped in to see what was happening at a karaoke bar, and to top it all off we then drove to Berkley to stay with Christina Sedighi, my friend from high school who saw my cry for help on facebook when we were in need of places to stay and opened her apartment to the crew! It was a packed day, but we met and reconnected with good friends and shared wonderful memories.

The next day, Thursday, started with a big task. We had a shipment of 400 shirts delivered to Christina so that we could have enough merchandise while on the road. We didn’t think about the fact that the mini-van is full to the brim. So we spent the morning counting and sorting these shirts and sending them to different places across the country. We were able to disperse the little that we kept with us in different places in the car so that everything fit. Now people will know why it takes us five minutes to get them the size they want – we have to check in every crevice to find said shirts! Once we shipped the shirts off we got a quick bite to eat at a diner recommended by Christina, we hit the road to Portland. Boy, it was a drive! We drove most of the day, but made one stop in Dunsmuir, CA and talked to Shannon and Bryan. They saw our loud minivan driving down main street, so they walked over to see what we were all about. We had a great discussion with them on the street across from their newly renovated theatre and music venue (we are considering venturing back to Dunsmuir for their Halloween party…). After stopping in Talent, OR for dinner we continued on the long journey to Portland. Even though it was probably around 1:00 AM and she had work early the next morning, we were greeted by Casi Ticer with a huge hug, smile, and towels and washcloths at each person’s bed. After reminiscing about my time with her and Florence and looking at her many photo albums, we finally forced ourselves to hit the hay. And that we did, until we were awoken by the alarm for the following day’s interviews.

Friday was a wonderful day. We had breakfast that the Ticer’s so kindly supplied, and then headed over to meet Gina Egging and four amazing girls from the cheer team that she coaches, Isabella, Miranda, Kayla, and Shannon. This interview was a treat. Here are four girls who have all the energy in the world, who right off the bat were so comfortable with us. But, once the cameras were rolling and we started talking about the issue, these girls opened up with experiences that they have had in their past that no one should ever have to go through, but especially not 7th and 8th graders. A couple of them went to school together, a couple have transferred in between different schools, yet all have had some kind of experience with girl against girl crime. What fascinates me is the way in which they have handled these experiences. They are all part of Gina’s cheer team, where they have found common bonds and where Gina does not allow any bullying or self doubt occur. They were such a great group of girls and we am so thankful to Josh Evans (Lauren’s friend) for introducing us with them!

While we were at the park, so were two other little girls, Isabelle and Gabriella, who around 7 years old had some words to share on the topic. Although they were still so young, they told us that they have seen their friends be mean to each other, but that they think it is “mean and wrong”. After playing around at the park for a bit, we headed into downtown Portland. I love it! It had such a cool, hip vibe. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and the people at The Daily Grille told us about the rose garden that overlooks all of Portland. We rerouted Kristina, our next interview, to the Portland Rose Garden. Wow, so glad we did. What a gorgeous view, beautiful roses, and just an overall great atmosphere. We had a very powerful interview with Kristina, also a graduate from Pepperdine. She opened her heart and shared her honest feelings about her experiences in 3rd grade that are still affecting the person that she is today. After spending some time with Kristina and Mary, we hit to road for Walla Walla, Washington.

Of course, it is not in our nature to drive without stopping! Especially when there is beauty like we saw at Multnomah Falls. This was only the second waterfall I have seen in my life (the first also happened to be just this past summer in Hawaii – thanks to the Harrison family!) and it’s official – I love waterfalls. Not only did we talk to some guys from Alabama (Josh, Ben, and Eric) about their perspective on the issue, I also found out where Lauren wants to get engaged some day… good to keep in mind! After our short stop, we kept on trucking and finally made it to Walla Walla! Our first stop was the Ice Burg – famous for Ice Cream and Burgers. It was AMAZING. Holy cow, it was so good. So we brought it home to Lauren’s grandma’s house (Debra’s mom’s house, Virginia and William Henry) and were greeted by Debra’s famous zucchini cookies – sooo good! Although we all could have hit the hay, we rallied so that we could see what was happening at the local Walla Walla Fair. And I am so glad that we did. Not only was it nice to stop and take a breather, but it was so much fun – we saw farm animals, played fair games, and rode the boat ride (the one that swings back and forth)! It was SO worth it! Finally, we called it a night, anxious for the following day…

Saturday was filled with fun! We were in the Walla Walla Frontier Day Parade (it was labor day weekend). It was so much fun! We were decked out with our Kind Campaign Mini Van, pink cowboy hats (bought at the fair the night before) and pink balloons. It was a workout though! The crowd was so receptive and excited about the project! We were so honored and excited to be there – it was a very surreal feeling for me. It was also a very hard workout for me! I haven’t gone on a walk/jog/run in quite some time, so the sprint from the car to the groups of people almost did me in!

Afterwards, we headed to a gorgeous park in the area. There were several people who stopped by and shared their stories. We spoke with Kally and Cindy MClure, Lori, and Ashley. Lauren talked extensively about the interview with Lori, so I am not going to go into details other than to say, the mood of everyone following her interview was altered. You could sense a different demeanor in everyone once she shared her story. It was very powerful. After a crazy morning, we took a bit of a breather – Lauren’s grandparents took us to lunch, then Debra took us on a Walla Walla tour of beauty! We drove around the country side “ooohing” and “ahhing” over the beauty, and of course stopping every now and then to take pictures. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Walla Walla and head onto Boise. We arrived in Boise late that night, but were so excited to be staying at the Courtyard by Marriot Boise Downtown (, who donated us a room through the workings of MPE (Meeting Professionals Expectations – check them out at We were thrilled with our stay at the Courtyard in Boise – the rooms were wonderful, and we got an amazing complimentary breakfast! It was such a nice treat!

Sunday, was once again an amazing day. We woke up so well rested and took advantage of the complimentary breakfast! We didn’t have anything planned that day, so we head to the mall, of course! We were hoping to spread the word about the campaign, and meet some new friends who might be interested in sharing their story. It was our first time to really embrace the random ‘street interviews’/spur of the moment interviews, so it took us a while to get the hang of it, but finally we got into a groove and things went really well. We met two great girls, Isabel and Rachel, who shared what happens at their school between girls and their excitement about the campaign.

Of course, time flies when you are having fun, so before we knew it we needed to head onto Idaho Falls. We were all so excited when we needed to pull off and get gas and a city named Bliss was coming up – we had to see what was going on in Bliss, and I am so glad we did! In a matter of moments, we had started up a conversation with Patrick, then we moved inside and talked to Alene and Natalie, then to Breanna and Candie, then Nichole and her family, then to Alma and Kristy, and finally on our way out to Ready and his girls. Whew – who knew so much was going on in Bliss, Idaho, population 275. Even in a town this small, they all had something to share and say about girl against girl crime. With that, we continued our journey to Idaho Falls, where we arrived at the Fairfield Inn and Suites (again thank you MPE and Marriott for the complimentary rooms!)

Monday is already here. We had a long day ahead of us, but as has happened the past week, we never know what to expect. Well, today was no exception. We were driving to Jackson Hole, WY and were about to enter Wyoming, when Lauren says “Pull over, pull over – we have to see what these guys think about the issue!!) As we are whipping over to the side of the road, I look out and see a huge group of bikers. Up for an adventure, but a little nervous that the car is going to go over the edge, I start to get the release forms, etc. I won’t go into details about the experience because Lauren has done an amazing job, but I will say that since meeting these men, we cannot stop talking about their brotherhood and sincerity of welcoming us into their lives. We have been in a bit of communication with them and I hope that we can remain friends with Scott, Steve, Neil, Ben, Jim, George and Danny because they welcomed us into their lives no questions asked and in doing so have impacted our journey in such a positive way.

We finally made it to Jackson Hole – so gorgeous!! – and grabbed a bit to eat in the town square. While we were eating we met Nancy, Toleen, and Heidi who have all had experiences with the issue. Nancy and Toleen at 50 years old joined the army and fought in the Persian Gulf War (props to them!!!), and they said that even in the army they saw that competitive nature shine in women. We wrapped lunch and headed onto our final destination of the evening Yellowstone National Park. This may be one of the most beautiful drives in America! The natural beauty that was surrounding us called for some stops along the way to take in the beauty and snap a few photos, but knowing that we still had quite a drive ahead forced us to put the cameras away for a bit. Until we stopped at Old Faithful, but by the time we got there and it was supposed to blow, it was very dark and VERY chilly. Packing only one suitcase, it was this night that I realized that I did not pack and closed toed shoes – I made a stop at a Wal Mart later to remedy the situation! After waiting to see the beauty of the Ol’ guy, we continued driving until we made it to the beautiful McCaleb home, where Jim was waiting up with amazing food and conversation. We ate and talked until the wee hours of the morning, when we finally called it a night, knowing that we had to wake up in a matter of hours to continue our journey.

And then it was Tuesday. It had been a week since we hit the road, yet in some ways it seemed like a lifetime since we started, and in others it seemed like it all passed by in the blink of an eye. Does that make sense? Anyways, point is – I can’t believe it is already a week into the trip, but so much has happened I cannot imagine that it has only been a week that all of this has fit into. Wow, I am rambling. I will move onto what actually happened today. On our way out of town we made a stop at the post office on the way out because Jim gave each of us an amazing Yellowstone book, but we did not want them to get ruined in the packed car, so we safely sent them home! While we were there, we got into a conversation with Jean about women and the importance of female friendships. Then we hit the road out of the park, but had several sightings along the way!! We saw a couple of bison/buffalo (I don’t know the correct term, I think it is bison, but please correct me if I am wrong!) – one was lazily laying on the side of the road, whereas the other was straight up in the middle of the road walking towards our car!! I think we captured this exciting/nervous moment and our reaction to it on film – priceless! Of course, Lauren and I couldn’t leave without stopping and singing our rendition of “Home on the Range” – I am sure it will be a hit song after the documentary is released : )

In route to Crawford we stopped in Cody, Wyoming to grab some BBQ, but first stopped in at Cassie’s Saloon and heard Crystal’s experience with the issue. We liked the sound of the name of the city Thermopolis, so we figured it would be a great place to stop. We soon sparked up a conversation with Tammy and Jessica; Sean, Mike and Amanda who directed us to Sarah’s store, Nature’s Corner, where we found Mother Theresa’s quote of Kindness displayed. Once again, everything happens for a reason and stopping in Thermopolis was no exception! We had almost made it to Crawford, but we had to stop to fill up on gas in Casper, Wyoming. Even though it was already really late, we ended up getting into a inspirational conversation with war veteran, Robert, who shared his thoughts and prayed for our journeys safety and success. The end of the first week ended with a bang while we were searching for our hotel in Crawford. It was another iphone mishap, that was not good timing. It was late, it was dark, and my iphone led us into a field in search of the hotel. When we came to an open lot and it said we had reached our final destination, I called it quits on the iphone’s directions and simply said get us back to the main road – wherever that may be. Thankfully, once we got back to the main road, Chris spotted the County Line Motel sign from the back of the car and just like they said, the keys were waiting for us under the mat. We quickly made our way to our rooms and hit the hay, we were exhausted after a long day of driving!!

Well, I know I am extremely behind, but I am still getting caught up on the weeks ahead of this blog, but in the past now. I am going to do my best to finish up the 2nd and 3rd weeks as quickly as possible to give y’all an idea as to what we have been up to! You can make the assumption based on the lack of blogging that one thing that we have been is BUSY. So very, very busy, but everything has been so very, very exciting – so check back for the upcoming weeks blogs!

love love love,


September 15, 2009

Chi Town

The last few days have be amazing, enlightening, life-changing...I feel like a broken record because I feel like that at the end of each day.  I keep saying I will update at the end of each day...well, it's so hard! There is so much going on, it's hard to get around to posting each day. Here are some updates and cool things that have happened since my last post...

Chicagoooooo was AWESOME.  I'm in love with that city.  Such a cool vibe.  The Jokich family hosted us for the night and organized a huge group of about 30 high school senior girls.  They also had a feast of deliciousness for everyone... Sloppy Joe' tasty. so prime.  so NOT helping the 500 pounds I will gain by the end of this production.  oh well, I'm embracing it. :)

The discussion was amazing.  It was interesting because the group of girls was comprised of a bunch of different "cliques".  They have all been in school together since they were little girls though because its a private k-12 school.  At the beginning of the discussion, there was a lot of skirting around the issue.  The girls all opened up about past experiences but informed us that all of the drama from before was long gone. 
Towards the end of the talk, we told them about Kind Apology (check out the app on this site). We passed out the apology cards and told them about their chance to ask forgiveness or something they have said or done to a girl in their life. The girls took the cards and started filling them out.  We opened the floor and asked if anyone wanted to talk about their apology (this is optional of course).  I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to participate.  It was quiet for a moment.  Then a girl raised her hand and asked if she could apologize to someone.  She did it, and with such courage.  Once she said her apology, the girls started to open up and showed us that this issue was still a very prevalent thing within their group of friends. For the next 45 minutes, the girls passed out apologies among each other, got things off their chest, and reconciled conflicts they were currently dealing with
within their groups of friends.  The entire room of girls was in (happy) tears by the end of it, mending friendships and understanding one another.  It was the most amazing thing to watch. Molly and I just kinda sat there and watched it all fold out in front of us.  One apology sparked another and another and another and another until every single girl tearfully hugged and apologized to someone in that room. It was really beautiful.

Later that night, we were informed that one of the girls was currently looking into different schools.  She wanted to switch schools because of the constant bullying she was dealing with within her group of friends.  After the group discussion, she told her mom that she doesn't want to change schools anymore and that she feels happy again.  man.  The joy that that brings me is something I can't explain in words.  It could only be explained through a song or some sort of grandiose piece of art...that sounds weird and cheesy, but, thats the only way I know how to express the feeling all this gives me.  

That night, Alex took us out for a night in Wrigleyville.  It was SO fun!!!!! Im a huge fan of Chicago.  Such good vibes.  A fun night out was a long due necessity.  Each day and interview is so emotionally exhausting.  I really go through the pain with the girls as they tell these stories. Its a lot to take on, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  


September 12, 2009

Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long...

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning yesterday.  I am not a morning person.  However, when you wake up to be on the KGAN CBS 2 News with Kristine Ward, you become a morning person!! Ahhh yeee!!! It was so awesome and such an adrenaline rush.  Being live on the news is something that neither of us had experienced before.  It went so well though.  Kristine said she got a lot of feedback and emails from people who watched and said they were really exited about the interview with us :) yay! 

From there, we made our way to University of Iowa! It was so fun!  

First we roamed around the campus, talking to all sorts of people.  It is a BEAUTIFUL school. Definitely the epitome of "college". 

We stayed with one of Molly's friends from Texas, Lauren Miller. BIG thank you to her and her roomies for leaving their beautiful home to us for the night!! Lauren informed her sorority about Kind Campaign and got a group of girls together for us to do a group interview/discussion.  They trickled in and out but we ended up talking with 9 girls for almost 2 and a half hours!  It was such an honest, great discussion and I think it really opened up a lot of their eyes to the severity of the issue and also the ridiculousness behind gossip.  I really enjoyed getting to know them.  

They were all very different with different stories and experiences.  However, by the end, there seemed to be a mutual understanding of the importance of true friendship between females.  

Molly, our moms and I watched some of the Truth Booth footage from Crawford High School before we ordered dinner.  Again, I don't want to give away what the Truth Booth is all about, but, I will say that all of us were in tears.  I think I have said this a million times, but, watching that footage was just another confirmation that this issue NEEDS to be talked about.

Later that night, one of the girls from the University of Iowa group interview came over and hung out.  Her name is Sarah and she is awesomeeee!!! We had planned to go out that night but by the end of each day, we are always exhausted. We ended up ordering take-out, playing Nintendo Wi and watching Dawn of the Dead.  Im not really into scary movies...well I'm not into them at all, but, I figured I would give it a go.  Not to my (or anyone else's) surprise, I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of the sleepy state is something I can't describe. I become a zombie. It's actually pretty funny.  Molly has taken the camera at a couple points and filmed me in this state and I really have no words for it. It's strange. haha

Well, we are heading to The Windy City/Chi-Town/Chicagooooo right now! I am stoked!!! We are stopping to meet Susan Salas' sisters for an interview on the way.  We are staying with a friend from Pepperdine.  Alex Jokich what?!  Her little sister organized a huge group of her friends from her private Catholic school and her family is making a huge dinner for everyone.  Its going to be awesome.  Alex is going to take us out for the night too.  Should be a sweet day/night.  

I shall update you tomorrow and let you know how it all went!! 

LOVE wins.

September 11, 2009

a little inspiration...

a friend sent me the link to this video and I have watched it non stop ever since.  I am a Peter Pan/Hook fanatic-- it's for sure my favorite fairy-tale :)  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this video for the first time.  Its so creative and unique.  It just makes me smile. What a work of art!!! 

Directing this doc has been such a cool experience.  New ideas are constantly flowing through my head, and this video/song has been something that has helped inspire some of my new ideas for the film :) 

cha cha check it out!!

Love wins. 

Crawford High School

Since it has been a few since the last update, Im just going to let you know about one of my favorite moments in the last few days.  From now on, I will write a quick update at the end of each day so I don't fall behind!

We held an assembly at Crawford High School in Crawford Nebraska yesterday.  It was AMAZING.  We set up the truth booth and lots of girls went in to say their piece.  I've been watching the truth booth footage--its beautiful and very heavy (in a good way).  I won't give you the details of what the truth booth is because its one of my favorite aspects of the film and I don't want to give it all away. 

The girls responded so well to the assembly!  When we opened the floor to the girls, so many of them gave their thoughts, opinions and stories about female bullying.  It was a really honest discussion and I could tell that they all felt really comfortable and excited to talk about the issue.

You may have seen the new website application called Kind Apology.  Kind Apology has also been integrated into the assembly schedule and is one of my favorite parts of the presentation.   We pass out Kind Apology cards (as well as Kind Pledge cards) for the girls to fill out.  Basically the card gives the girl the opportunity to write out a personal apology for something they have done or said to another female.  The girls have the option to keep it, give it back to us, or give it to the girl they are apologizing too.  

Watching the girls fill out their pledges and apologies yesterday was so cool.  They were so exicted about it.  A lot of the girls shared their pledges out loud for us and their class to hear.  I tried to pay attention as the girls were filling out their apologies.  Its important to me that they dont ever feel uncomfotable or pressured, so I wanted to make sure that filling those out was something they were okay with.  I was happy to see how exicted the girls were to have the chance to write out those apologies. 

Once they finished up, I started to notice girls getting up and handing their apologies to different girls within the assembly.  I really payed attention to the girls receiving the apologies to make sure that what was said on them didnt hurt their feelings.  As girls started to open their apologies, a number of things happened.  I watched as one girl got up and hugged the girl who apologized to her.  Some girls exchanges smiles and laughs.  Others started conversations about the boys they were fighting over and realized their friendship was more important.  It was so inspiring to watch.  I stood there and felt so at peace.  I was witnessing actual change being made within these girls lives.  

By the end of the assembly, I can honestly say that there was a complete different vibe among the girls compared to the beginning of the assembly.  Everyone left with smiles and seemed so positive and uplifted.  I really felt like there was a sense of healing and understanding among the girls.  

After the assembly, the teachers told us how excited and happy they were with the way the assembly went.  They really feel like the message will change a lot of their students lives and will alleviate some of the pain and drama currently going on within the school.

I had this facebook post on my wall today from a Crawford High School student:
 Rachel Mae Micheel Thanks so much for coming to crawford! it is really going to make a difference in our school! thanks again!  
Rachel Mae Micheel I think it helped knowing about the fact that it happens to all girls and there are "fights" between girls other than just here. sometimes it just feels that we are the only ones.

I am so inspired and uplifted by the girls I am meeting on this journey.  There is such an overwhelming goodness within the heart of a female.  We are nurturers in nature.  I think the pressures and messages we are fed sometimes get in the way and hinder that innate goodness. I feel excited though because actual change is happening.  Thank you Crawford High School girls!!! Meeting all of you has been one of my favorite parts of this journey!

I can't help but smile :)

LOVE wins.

September 8, 2009

life is precious

The drive from Idaho Falls into Yellowstone was quite possibly one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen.  Words wont do the experience justice so I won't even attempt to describe how beautiful it is.  

What I will tell you about is a special experience we had in the middle of that drive...

I remember sitting quietly in the car, staring out the window, ipod on (of course), thinking about the film and different ideas I've been playing around
with.  In the middle of my semi-hazy daydream, my eyes fixated on a group of leather wrapped bikers standing on the side of the road. Im not quite sure why, but the moment I saw them I yelled "stop!"  I needed to get out and talk to them...I knew they would have something interesting to say about female bullying. Besides, part of this film is exposing how this issue translates across the country--within different communities and with different types of people. I knew theirs would be an interesting perspective.  

I cautiously approached the 7 (very large) men with Chris and Doloris (the camera). I wasn't scared or anything, but, I didn't know if they would have any interest in talking with us about this issue.  As I approached the guys I noticed they were all staring at me.  I felt a bit awkward because the walk over to them was a kinda decided to break the silence by waving my arm in the air and yelling "Hello! I come in peace!"  They immediately smiled and waved back :)  

The guys were really curious about what was
going on (our very colorful mode of transportation tends to get people wondering.)  I informed them of our journey and what Kind Campaign and Finding Kind are all about.  Their reaction was exaaaactly what I was hoping for. They all related to the issue and had some very interesting and profound things to say about female friendships.  A few of the guys have daughters as of them has three so he really connected with the message.  I remember what one of the guys said about his friends, "We are brothers.  Men have brothers.  There aren't real sisters out there and it's just sad." Well put.

After the interviews we all chatted for a while and took funny pictures.  There was a lot of laughter and great moments.  Such cools guys...

Although they had a ton of amazing (and funny) things to say about this issue, the conversation eventually turned and they informed us of what their journey was all about.  We came to find out that this was the fourth anniversary of the passing of one of the guy's sons.  Every year the father and 6 of his "brothers" ride their motorcycles out to the spot where Jake died and have a service for him.  Jake died in a car accident one week before his 21st birthday.  His fiance was on the back of the bike but she thankfully survived.  We were all hit really hard by this story...especially after finding this out after 20 minutes of casual conversation and laughter. 
The father started to walk over to the site where his son had died.  As he began to walk over, he invited my mom and the rest of us to join him and his friends.  I wasn't sure if he was just trying to be nice...I didn't want to intrude on such a monumental and serious moment for him. However, his friends insisted that we join them in the celebration of Jakes life.  We crossed the street and stood around his tomb...7 bikers and the Kind Campaign crew.  

I couldn't help but feel humbled while standing there.  The precious nature of our lives became so loud within that silence, as we stood there looking at his tomb, surrounded by the mountains and the trees and the sky.  It was such a beautiful moment.  To share something that sacred with a group of people who were complete strangers 30 minutes prior...I duno.  I guess it really got me thinking about how we are all connected and how our capacity to love one another is enormously great.  I truly felt like our two groups of completely "different" people connected on a whole other level... a level that you find when you take the time to value and respect the people around you.  
As we stood there and listened to Jakes father and the rest of the guys say their piece, I couldn't help but tear up.  Since they invited us over to their service with our camera, we have it all on tape. I asked Jakes father if he would mind us using that special moment in the film--as a testament to his son.  He smiled wide with tears in his eyes and told me that he would really appreciate that.  I can't wait to do that for him. 

As I said before, I can't help but constantly remind myself that these experiences are one in a million.  

LOVE wins.

September 6, 2009

Each day gets better and better.  The random/funny moments are starting to pile up, the five of us are already a baby family and the interviews and footage are truly amazing.  

My last blog ended as we made our way into Walla Walla, Washington.  What a wonderful stop that was.  My mom is from Walla Walla so I have grown up going there every summer.  It truly defines Americana.  
The night we arrived, we made a stop at my personal favorite, The IceBerg.  If you think In n' Out is good--well, you have no idea. The magic that IS an IceBerg burger is something I cannot even explain.  It's heaven in a bun.  

After we stuffed our faces a bit, we headed over to my grandmothers house.  The moment we walked in, I was overwhelmed with the smell of freshly baked cookies. Although I was stuffed to an unhealthy degree, I couldn't resist one...two...well, let's be real...3 cookies.  That night we headed over to the Southeast county fair where we rode rides, played carnival games, and found out that Chris (our cinematographer, a.k.a. the goat whisperer) can hypnotize farm animals. 

The next morning was awesomeee!!!!!  Kind Campaign was officially in the Walla Walla Pioneer Parade! Molly and I walked, rather, ran back and forth across Main St. as Tetia drove the Kind Campaign van behind us (adorned with pink balloons :) )  We passed out wristbands and postcards to as many females as we could without passing out from sprinting from on
e side of the street to the other. Despite the workout, it was SO fun!  The footage should be pretty funny too-- Chris and my mom were running back and forth with the cameras.  pretty comical. People were SO excited about the film and the message.  Kind Campaign was featured on the front cover of their newspaper the day before, so a lot of people knew what it was all about!  The announcer at the parade informed everyone that we would be at the local park right after the parade for interviews.  Which leads me into the most monumental moment for me thus far...
Neither of us knew if anyone would actually show up to the park.  We ended up shooting a few interviews and got some really good perspectives.  However, it was when I sat down with Lori that I was rocked to my core.  I walked up to her and sat down at a park bench and immediately we started talking.  Within the first two minutes of talking, I knew I was in for something heavy.  But even those initial thoughts did not prepare me for the hour long conversation I was about to have.  I wont go into detail about her experiences, but I will say this particular person has experienced a series of some of the most traumatic things I have ever heard.  As hard as it was for me to sit there and listen to all of these horrific happens in her life, the hardest part of the conversation was when she finally broke down in tears.  No, it wasn't when she talked about the physical, sexual or mental abuse she has consistently dealt with throughout her life.  It was when she confessed to me, "all I want is a good friend,"  after informing me that at her lowest point in life, her best girl friend turned on her. It was within that simple comment that Lori's walls broke down.  I don't know what you think, but for me, that moment was pretty revealing of the importance of true friendship.  At least when you have someone you can turn to, the traumas within your life can be talked through and you can feel a sense of support.  Without at least that, you are left with nothing but a broken heart. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be good to your friends.  Lori changed the scope of this project for me.  Yes, its still about girls.  However, the importance of friendship for males and females is something that everyone should be reminded of on a daily basis.  Careabout the people that care about you.  

After the interview, Lori informed me that she felt really good about sharing her story.  The fact that being a part of this film gave her a sense of healing and relief fills me with such joy and reminds me that this is a good thing happening. 

Later that day, the five of us drove around the city and took some pictures.  Walla Walla is really a beautiful place.  It doesn't get more "small-town america" than that town.  There is something so raw about it.  

Today has been amazing too.  We have been driving through Idaho, making random stops along the way.  We came across a tiny town called Bliss. population 275. I know. Its perfection.   We made our way into the local gas station in search of...well, anything!  People were so curious and excited about the camera and the van.  The coolest part--we ended up getting some AMAZING testimonies.  Hearing females perspectives from this TINY town affirmed that this is a universal issue.  I think one of the women nailed it when she said, "It doesn't matter if you are in a small town or a big city, this happens everywhere." 

Well, there's another ridiculously long post.  sorry for my rant! long car drives=plenty of time to let you know about EVERYTHING thats going on :)

Love WINS.

September 3, 2009

Better than I could have ever imagined...

 We've been on the road for three days now and have been loving every second of this amazing adventure!! 
  On the morning we left, a bunch of our close friends gathered for breakfast to send us off.  It was so special to have some of our friends and mentors there showing their support.  Such a great way to start the film :)
  We hit the road and it was such a surreal feeling!  This is actually happening.  After thinking about this for so long and taking so much time to  I thought the day would never come! 

  I feel so incredibly inspired and fulfilled right now.  As I sit here with my ipod, listening to a little Bat for Lashes, thinking about the interviews we have already shot, the interesting people we have met and the funny moments we have encountered, I realize that these sort of experiences are one in a million.   

  On the first day out, we had our first interview with a girl named Rebekah.  We met Rebekah on the Dr. Phil show.  What an incredible young lady she is.  She has a compelling story and is very passionate about speaking out about this issue.  At the young age of 14, she has already started a website in hopes of starting a diologue about girl-against-girl "crime".  Check it out at!

  That night we stayed with two people who define KIND.  When we walked into their home, we were welcomed with smiles, hugs and a feast of food.  Sue shared some of her thoughts and experiences with female bullying over dinner.  It was interesting to hear 
her story.  She has 5 daughters, so she knows ALL about this...I really appreciated her honesty.

  The next morning was pretty monumental...our first school assembly!!!! The assembly was held in an old theater across from the school in Wastonville California.  It was defintately a learning experience for the next school assembly, but overall a success.  

  We had two more interviews that day.  Both of them were amazing.  One was with Shannon, who allowed herself to open up about some pretty heavy experiences.  At the end of the interview, she serenaded us with the national anthem!!  Later that night we had a discussion with three girls from Berkeley.  They had such a
refreshing and positive outlook on female friendships.  Not only was the interview beautiful, but the location was surreal.  We were on a rooftop at sunset overlooking the San Francisco skyline.  Such an amazing moment.

 That night we met up with a friend of mine and his girlfriend and had the most AMAAAAAAZING 
meal at House of Nanking.  
Jonno is a documentary filmmaker as well and is working on a really amazing project with his friend Stefan. Its called Somewhere Near Tapachula.  Check it out!! 

We finished the night will a little Karaoke :)

  The next day was a driiiiiiivveee.  We drove to Portland all day but made plenty of fun stops along the way.  We 
pulled out the camera a few times and got some very interesting perspectives from different types of people.  
Sometimes the
random, unexpected interviews are the
most insightful and interesting.  Im all about random moments :) 

   And now that brings me to today.  We started the day with coffee, muffins, and fresh fruit courtesy of Casi Ticer- our very KIND friend who let us stay with her the night before.  She is actually in my Kappa pledge class! 

  Our first interview was with a group of cheerleaders from a Portland middle school.  All four of the girls have such unique personalities.  I loved every one of them.  And they are wise beyond their years!  
Their cheer coach Gina has taught the girls that within a team you MUST respect each other.  Such an amazing group of ladies :) At the end of the interview, they did a cheer for us. It was awesome. 
  The next interview was with a girl named Christina.  She was so incredibly honest about her experiences.  Let me tell you...she has quite a compelling story.  She brought me to tears.
The rest of the day was spent driving to Walla Walla Washingtion where we will appear in their labor day parade tomorrow morning!!!! On the way to Walla Walla we stopped by an amazing waterfall.  It was overwhelmingly beautiful.  In fact, the rest of the drive was overwhelmingly beautiful.  It got me thinking.  When you take in such immense beauty it really puts things into perspective.  How do we allow ourselves to spend so much time and energy tearing each other down when there are so many amazingly beautiful things life has to offer? If you 
waste your time on drama, you will miss out on so many precious and special moments in life.  just a thought...

  Well. This was pretty long.  From now on, we will be updating regularly :)  

Love wins.


September 1, 2009

Here we go...

Its hard to describe how I feel right now.  Its 1:38 am and in 4 hours I will be waking up to start this journey. 


The last week has been amazing.  Pre-production is A LOT of work.  There are SO many things to think about and account for...its all a part of the creative process though, so I wouldnt change one of the tedious tasks I have done throughout this whole process. Molly has been working so hard to get the final production schedules together.  Props to her :)  She's amazing and organized and supportive and...did I say she is amazing?  Its so rare to find a friend that you can work with- I am so happy to have found HER :)

Man.  Is it weird that I am welling up a bit at the thought of this whole thing?  I have wanted to speak out about this issue since I was a little girl.   To see how this movement has taken off is so affirming that this is an issue that NEEDS attention.  To see how willing friends, family and complete strangers have been to help with the pre production on this documentary and campaign tour reminds me that PEOPLE ARE GOOD.  

When all is said and done...when all our "things" are stripped away...when money and cell phones and twitter and make up and mirrors and tabloids and music and surfboards and Xbox are gone, we are left with each other- our brothers and sisters- our species- humans. and when you think about it like that...just a group of mammals placed here on earth... well, you realize that how we treat one another is the ONLY important thing.  Our ability to choose to NOT CARE about the people around us is the only thing that will ruin the beautiful life we have been given.  

Can't wait to update you on the incredible adventure we are about to embark on! 

I still have to pack my bag... oh man.

Love Wins.

August 30, 2009

please share your story with us!

Hello again --

Wow, now I am really on a roll. This is third blogs in three days...

So, we are about to leave in two days and wanted to call out to anyone who is interested in sharing their story -- specifically in the cities below. We will be in these cities and would love to talk with YOU!

  • Tillamook, OR
  • Boise, ID
  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Cody, WY
  • Rockford, IL
  • Gary, IN
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Maumee, OH
  • Fremont, OH
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Dover, DE
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Macon, GA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Selma, AL
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • El Paso, TX
  • Deming, NM
  • Lordsburg, NM
  • Casa Grande, AZ
  • Yuma, AZ
Email if you or anyone you know has a story or thoughts to share with us! We would LOVE to talk with you! Please pass the word along to anyone you know in these cities!

Hopefully we will see you soon!

love love love,

final days until take off.


So, as I stated in my last quick post, it has been quite a while since my last blog. But, it has been on my to-do list 'to blog' for quite a while. Actually since the one month out marker, it has been sitting there on my to-do list. Is that weird/allowed? To put 'blog' on your to-do list. Well, either way I did it. Look what good it did -- it's been over a month now and I am finally getting around to it. But I guess that shows the importance of the items it has been sitting amongst on the list. All things that were imperative be done in order for us to leave on the trip. Speaking of, we are hitting the road THIS Tuesday.

Before I get into talking about the road trip, I just wanted to do a small re-cap on the past month or so. Thankfully, Lauren updated you on some of the exciting things that have been going on around here! August has been a busy month -- we found out that Tom was funding the project the same week we found out that we were going to be on Dr. Phil (and it happened to be my birthday week!) -- wow, that was a great week! Our excitement at this news was unreal. It was escalated to a degree of shock, surprise, and surreal-ness. Then, in the same weekend that we found out that Crown Toyota was donating us a Toyota Sienna to use for the duration of the road trip, we also found out that Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor and TV Guide) and family wanted to sponsor the trip by providing the gasoline to fuel our newly donated van! I have said before that throughout this entire process, there have been so many moments that I just look at Lauren and want to pinch myself to make sure that this is all real. Ever since Lauren came to me with the initial idea, things have been spiraling out of control -- in an amazing way.

Now, bringing us back up to this past week. Tuesday morning we found ourselves sitting in a dressing room of the Dr. Phil Show, knowing that we were leaving exactly a week from that day to begin the journey of the documentary road trip, we were so elated and excited. Our families came out to support this momentous occasion, and we celebrated afterwards with a wonderful lunch surrounded by loved ones. I wanted to make a special note to thank Katie Krause for getting our name in front of the Dr. Phil producers -- check out her blog at Also, we so enjoyed meeting Rebekah Jeffries, one of the women featured on the Dr. Phil Show the day that we were on. She is going through some tough times right now in regards to female bullying, but she is being so strong and courageous by speaking out about her experience. Check out Rebekah's website:

We loved every second of the excitement of Dr. Phil Show, but we also knew that we could not sit still. We had to keep moving, working and preparing for our road trip departure. Thursday was an exciting day for the Kind Campaign Crew -- we headed out to Crown Toyota in Ontario, California to pick up the Toyota Sienna that they have donated to Kind Campaign for use throughout the road trip!!!!! We could not be more thrilled. From experience (my mom has rocked the Sienna minivan in her day) I know that this is a wonderful vehicle and couldn't be more perfect for our road trip! Just to plug the wonderful dealership that donated us the car, if you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle, definitely take a look at, they have been so KIND to us and I know they will do the same for you!

Once we had the car, we wanted to make sure that we would be noticed as we drove across the country, so we have spent the past few days in the process of getting the car wrapped. We fell into the arms of a wonderful company, Pro Lab Digital, (check them out at and they have made the impossible possible by getting it done in a matter of days! Specifically Joe at Pro Lab Digital has gone above and beyond to help us out!!! He is a kind man with a kind heart -- check out his newly founded non-profit, Rise Up! Help the Homeless! at!

Well, I think I covered the big events in the past couple of weeks -- of course Lauren and I have both been running all over the place, calling all over the place (literally all over the country), and loving all of it! Now it is down to the wire. We have two days until we hit the road on an adventure of a lifetime, and we are so excited for you to experience everything with us!

I want to share an example of how horrible I am with blogging. I started this blog while waiting for a trailer hitch to be put on the car, now a day later I am finishing it up in the short time that I have at home before heading over to Lauren's for a production meeting. I was going to put if off until later, but since I have been doing that for over a month I didn't allow it. Anyways, on that note -- I better be going -- my mom and I are heading over to Lauren's abode to meet up with her and her mom, and Chris, our cinematographer. We have a pretty intense production meeting ahead, but very exciting as well. Get ready for more regular blogs as Lauren and I are both making this a priority in order to share our experience on the road with you! I have a feeling that next time I blog, I will be on one of the most incredible adventures of my life with some of the most amazing wild!

love love love,

August 26, 2009

roof over our heads...


Long time, no blog! I will do a recap of the crazyness of the past couple of weeks later on tonight. But, right now I wanted to call out to all of the homeowners, home renters, apartments owners, apartment renters, anyone with a roof over there head! Last minute are out of a place to stay in several cities, but we have faith that we can rely on friends, and friends of friends of friends of friends... to help us out!

There are five of us total, Lauren and I, our moms, and Chris, our cinematographer! We are not picky about sleeping (we just don't want to sleep in the car : ) ) and love meeting new people -- so really if you know of anyone in any of these cities -- please call on them and see if they wouldn't mind us sleeping in their home for a night!

Please pass this list along to anyone you know, as we leave in less than a week!! Email me,, if you know someone or pass along my email to anyone who may be able to house us for a night! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The date is the night that we are in that particular city.

City: Watsonville, CA: September 1

City: San Francisco, CA: September 2

City: Mitchell, OR, September 4th

City: Crawford, NE: September 8th

City: Gordon, NE: September 9th

City: Cedar Rapids, IA: September 10th

City: Rockford, IL: September 11th

City: Fremont, OH: September 14th

City: New York, NY: September 18th

City: Baltimore, MD: September 20th

City: Meridian, MS: September 27th

City: Baton Rouge, LA: September 29th

City: El Paso, TX: October 3rd

City: Lordsburg, NM: October 4th

City: Casa Grande, AZ: October 5th

love love love,

August 17, 2009

one more thing...

We had our fundraiser last Friday at Coconuts in Capo Beach and it was FANTASTIC! Everything went so well! It was located in my hometown (orange county) so a lot of my friends from high school showed up which was really fun. The bands that played were so good too...such incredible talent in the O-Sizzle! A couple of the artists who performed will have music in the documentary too! Thanks to Sanctuary (Eric Botelho in particular) for putting it on for us!

Check out Nikki Vaughn and Andy Lawrence! Their music will appear in the film!

Love Wins.

Exciting Updates!

TWO WEEKS until we hit the road. I have never been so excited/nervous/anxious/stoked all at the same time!

So many amazing things have been happening lately. First of all, our documentary is almost fully funded!!! (thanks to a specific individual who has been incredibly supportive throughout this whole process :) ) We also got a car!!!!!! Next week we are going to Crown Toyota in Ontario California to pick up our road trip vehicle! I cant wait to name him... or her. we will see what color we get haha.

Everything is coming together BEAUTIFULLY! Cant wait to get on the road and get this started!

Love Wins.

August 6, 2009

Dr. Phil

EXCITING NEWS!   We are going to be on the Dr. Phil show to talk about Kind Campaign and the documentary!!!!! The show is taping the 25th of this month and we are SO stoked! This will be such an amazing way to get people thinking about this issue and will get people excited about the road trip (which we will be leaving for ONE WEEK later!)  This is so crazy!!! I cannot describe how incredibly blessed I feel at this moment. I can't wait to meet him!

Here is a link to Dr. Phil's website: 

Love Wins.

August 5, 2009


Im sitting here, just working and researching. It's late but I'm feeling very awake. This is probably a direct result of the AMAZING day that just unfolded.  First, I met with an incredible person. His name is Tom and he has been a huge support for this project and a mentor of mine for the last few years.  He has graciously decided to fund the film.  The IMMENSE amount of thanks I want to project upon him is to big to even grasp.  He is one of the most KIND, generous and amazing people I know and with this money, there are so many things we will be able to do with this film.  Things that I was hoping to do but wasn't sure how to pull it off.   Then, Molly and I were contacted by someone about something AWESOME!  I actually cant talk about it yet, but once we have the okay, we will let you all know what's going on.  Its really exciting though and will for sure help promote the documentary road trip. 

Speaking of which, we leave in less than a month and I am getting SO excited.  The adventure is going to be life changing.  Hopefully the product of the adventure (this doc) will be life changing for some people as well.  Thats the whole goal.  To create a change through starting a dialogue about this issue. 

I got the new camera this week! Been playing around with it and all I can say is W.O.W. 

welp, time to get back to work and hopefully catch some sleep. 

night! :)

Love Wins.

July 23, 2009

Love My Girls :)

Patti Molly and I just met and had a wonderful meeting. Covered all the bases and are getting ready for this wild adventure! The three of us have a great work flows :)  

Getting ready for Young Life camp this weekend! I can't wait to meet the girls.  I know the week will bring inspiration, amazing footage and fun times :)

I had a VERY exciting phone call this morning with a girl who works at Time Magazine.  She is pitching the story of Kind Campaign and the Documentary to the company.  Fingers Crossed!!!!! 

Its a beautiful day today. I'm feeling overwhelmingly blessed.

Love Wins.

July 22, 2009

I am sitting in Barnes and Noble/Starbucks right now.  And I am very happy.

I have been working non-stop the past couple of days getting everything organized.  Last week before heading out to a friend's wedding that I was in, I sent out our proposal to schools and organizations across the county - VERY EXCITING!  So, since I have returned from the wedding I have loved seeing the wonderful responses from the different people at the schools and organizations.  Just a heads up - basically this proposal went out to tons and tons of people all across the country to create liaisons and contacts for places that we will go along the road trip.  So, right now is the time where we are finalizing who we will talk to in each of the cities.  All of this of course seems so surreal right now, but very exciting at the same time.  I am loving, loving, loving work right now.  Haha, it's funny that I am even calling it work -- it doesn't feel like work at all.  But, I guess that is what happens when you love what you do.  

I have never actually come here to work before.  Not even to study while I was in school.  But, now I am questioning that decision -- it is so wonderful!  Great environment, great mood, interesting people.  Anyways, I should get back to "work" : )

Have a KIND day.

love love love,

July 18, 2009


I am excited about two things right now. First off, I am getting a Sony Ex1! Its an amazing camera that will surely increase the production value of the documentary.  I am stoked because I always have so many little things I want to shoot and because I have been borrowing cameras for the KIND doc, I don't always have them with me.  Now I can start thinking about the other projects I want to do after this doc! I am so happy. 

More importantly, I am going to a Young Life camp as a leader next week! Young Life is a youth organization that I was involved with throughout my life, first as a student and later as a leader/mentor. I got a call yesterday informing me that they have a spot for me if I want to go next week as a leader. My immediate reaction was 'Lauren, you have way too much work to do' ...we are leaving in less than a month and a half. SCARY! but exciting :)  As I thought about it, I realized WHY NOT (my new life moto)?!?! This is the PERFECT way to balance myself before we hit the road.  Every summer that I left a Young Life camp, I returned with a new and fresh perspective.  I could not think of a better way to find inspiration and meaning for this doc than to be a leader at a camp for a large group of young girls.  

Im excited because I get to bring my camera to shoot too! I will definitely get some compelling footage for the doc :) 

Love Wins.
Lauren P

July 11, 2009

My new favorite quote...

Give to humanity like the Autumn gives leaves

...such an interesting and compelling visual.

Love wins.

July 10, 2009

Early Morning

Its another beautiful day in Los Angeles :) I woke up early today to get some pre production work done before I head off to a meeting with a publicist (crossing my fingers) and then home to see the family for the weekend. Im currently looking through our detailed documentary city list schedule (beautifully complied by the one and only Molly Stroud :) ) and my excitement is through the roof. 

I know we have said this a million times all over the website, facebook groups, twitter etc., but if you have a story that you want to share within the documentary, click on the city list attachment within the homepage of this website  ( and contact either of the following:

Me (Lauren Parsekian)
President, Kind Campaign
Director/Producer, Girl World (working title)

Molly Stroud
VP, Kind Campaign
Producer, Girl World (working title)

Patti Grandidge
Secretary/Treasurer, Kind Campaign
Line Producer, Girl World (working title)

We would LOVE for you to be a part of this adventure!  Again, we leave September 1st-October 10th. Cannot wait!

Love Wins.

July 8, 2009

So Happy

Sitting at my desk...ipod in ears...seeing this documentary play out through my head...

Directing my first documentary is a bit daunting but I am so ready for this. I can't wait to share this story with the world.  This issue is something that I have wanted to expose since I was in middle school.  I remember sitting in my bathroom at the age of 13, writing in my diary about my horrific daily experiences.  One of the only things that got me through the day was the fact that I knew I was going to use my experience with girl-against-girl "crime" to one day spread awareness and make a change. Sitting here now as I envision this documentary...I really can't explain the joy I'm filled with at this very moment.  

Here are a few songs that have really helped inspire the feel and tone of the doc thus far:

Breathe Me- Sia
Life in Technicolor- Coldplay
Love Like a Sunset pt2- Phoenix
Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder
We Own the Sky- M83

Enjoy :)

Love Wins.

Great Meeting

First of all, I want to start off by saying that this is my very first blog, ever, so I am a little bit nervous.  With that said, Lauren and I just finished a very successful meeting!!  We started it off by rapping.  Yes, rapping.  Where it came from, I am really not sure, but it was definitely the highlight of the meeting.  Maybe you will see the rap in the future, as we started filming pre-production today so it was caught on tape.  We went through the schedule/calendar, which will be posted soon - so we are very excited and anxious to hit the road!  We had a great brainstorming session, which started and ended with some wonderful music.  As I have quickly learned, Lauren visualizes and creates best when she is listening to music.  Prepare yourself for a very exciting/inspiring Kind Campaign Doc soundtrack.  Today's meeting was much needed.  Not in the work sense, although we did get a TON done.  But, more in the fun/friendly sense.  We spent a lot of today goofing off, catching up, and sharing stories -- which was probably my favorite part.  As we are wrapping up and responding to some very encouraging emails - I am excited for what the future holds.  It is time to lock down a car, lock down some funds, and lock down the schedule.  

love love love,