September 12, 2009

Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long...

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning yesterday.  I am not a morning person.  However, when you wake up to be on the KGAN CBS 2 News with Kristine Ward, you become a morning person!! Ahhh yeee!!! It was so awesome and such an adrenaline rush.  Being live on the news is something that neither of us had experienced before.  It went so well though.  Kristine said she got a lot of feedback and emails from people who watched and said they were really exited about the interview with us :) yay! 

From there, we made our way to University of Iowa! It was so fun!  

First we roamed around the campus, talking to all sorts of people.  It is a BEAUTIFUL school. Definitely the epitome of "college". 

We stayed with one of Molly's friends from Texas, Lauren Miller. BIG thank you to her and her roomies for leaving their beautiful home to us for the night!! Lauren informed her sorority about Kind Campaign and got a group of girls together for us to do a group interview/discussion.  They trickled in and out but we ended up talking with 9 girls for almost 2 and a half hours!  It was such an honest, great discussion and I think it really opened up a lot of their eyes to the severity of the issue and also the ridiculousness behind gossip.  I really enjoyed getting to know them.  

They were all very different with different stories and experiences.  However, by the end, there seemed to be a mutual understanding of the importance of true friendship between females.  

Molly, our moms and I watched some of the Truth Booth footage from Crawford High School before we ordered dinner.  Again, I don't want to give away what the Truth Booth is all about, but, I will say that all of us were in tears.  I think I have said this a million times, but, watching that footage was just another confirmation that this issue NEEDS to be talked about.

Later that night, one of the girls from the University of Iowa group interview came over and hung out.  Her name is Sarah and she is awesomeeee!!! We had planned to go out that night but by the end of each day, we are always exhausted. We ended up ordering take-out, playing Nintendo Wi and watching Dawn of the Dead.  Im not really into scary movies...well I'm not into them at all, but, I figured I would give it a go.  Not to my (or anyone else's) surprise, I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of the sleepy state is something I can't describe. I become a zombie. It's actually pretty funny.  Molly has taken the camera at a couple points and filmed me in this state and I really have no words for it. It's strange. haha

Well, we are heading to The Windy City/Chi-Town/Chicagooooo right now! I am stoked!!! We are stopping to meet Susan Salas' sisters for an interview on the way.  We are staying with a friend from Pepperdine.  Alex Jokich what?!  Her little sister organized a huge group of her friends from her private Catholic school and her family is making a huge dinner for everyone.  Its going to be awesome.  Alex is going to take us out for the night too.  Should be a sweet day/night.  

I shall update you tomorrow and let you know how it all went!! 

LOVE wins.

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  1. Hi Lauren! I just watched Dr. Phil and it just tore my heart to pieces to see and hear the stories of girls being bullied. I was bullied in high school and I can recall the emotional and mental stress it caused me and how it has effected my life today. I am currently studying to be a teacher and definitely want to campaign for bullying to stop. You are impacting so many lives by stepping out and letting your voice be heard. Thank you so much for what you do! Keep up the amazing work:)


    P.S. I am from the Iowa City area and used to go to the University of Iowa, it is a VERY beautiful campus!