December 8, 2011

The BIG 2-5!!

Today marks a very special day in the world of Kind Campaign!  It is Lauren's 25th birthday today!  I just wanted to use the blog to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my partner in KIND, Lauren!!!
So happy that this little one (Lauren's on the right with her sister, Brooke, and brother, Liam) was brought into my life! 
I am so thankful for her friendship, dedication, and encouragement.  Lauren, enjoy this day as we celebrate the 25 glorious years since your birth!  And here's to the next 25 (and many more) amazing years to come!

I love you baby girl!  Here's to YOU! 
love love love,

November 28, 2011

Breaking News: Kind Campaign on CNN

Kind Campaign featured on CNN and CNN Students News:

KIND Act: Contact your local newspaper, news, magazine, blog, etc and spread the word about Kind Campaign!

Girl Scouts Girltopia

The beautiful and talented Jess Weiner hosted an amazing panel at the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles' Girltopia!  We were honored to be included on the panel made up of some INSPIRING women!  We were joined by actress Kim Coles and i am that girl's Emily Greener to talk about the media's influence on young people, how it effects who they are and how they portray themselves, and how to create positive media that engages audiences.  

Let me say one thing: Girl Scouts are smart.  Jess led an interactive discussion with both groups and we talked about the fact that shows that are high-conflict and high-drama desensitize us and make it seem like these relationships and situations that we see portrayed on the small screen are completely normal, when really they are not.  At all.  It was incredible to hear what ideas the Girl Scouts had for implementing positive programming that is entertaining and successful.  Such a great day, spent with amazing women.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!  We are so thankful for every single one of you.  Thank you for encouraging, supporting, and spreading the KIND message.

love love love,

November 17, 2011

What's Trending #StopBullying Townhall


Kind Campaign was honored to be a part of a very important conversation on What's Trending with Shira Lazar. We joined several organizations who are making a difference in an effort to #stopbullying on the What's Trending Townhall to discuss this important issue.

With the wonderful Jac Vanek, representing
MTV's A Thin Line Campaign

In good company:
Trevor Project, Shira Lazar, and A Thin Line Campaign

Thanks so much for hosting and shedding light on
such a serious issue

We were honored to be included among the ranks of such wonderful organizations including The Trevor Project,, GLSEN, MTV's A Thin Line Campaign, Love is Louder,, and The Seth Foundation.

Bullying is not something to be taken lightly.  We hear stories every single day about how deeply this affects people of all ages all over the country.  Kids are taking their lives because of the way they are being treated at school.  It has to stop.  Take action, speak up, and be kind.

Anti-Bullying Month October Tour

The month of October is National Anti-Bullying Month, so Kind Campaign hit the road to try and reach as many schools and organizations as possible!  We kept ourselves pretty busy and had an amazing time meeting some pretty incredible people in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, and Richmond!

Finding Kind Screening and Discussion for Girl Scouts and their mothers
sponsored by Monster High
Santa Monica, CA

Our second home...

Lakeside Middle School Screening and Assembly
Seattle, WA

Gig Harbor Film Festival Screening and Q&A
Gig Harbor, WA

Northwest School Screening and Assembly
Seattle, WA
Our friend from Pepperdine, Angie, came out to support!

Finding Kind Screening and Discussion for Girl Scouts and their mothers
sponsored by Monster High
Bellevue, WA

Finding Kind Screening and Discussion for Girl Scouts and their mothers
sponsored by Monster High
Atlanta, GA

On the road again...

St. Elizabeth Catholic High School
Vaughan, Ontario
Thanks to Mary, a mental health specialist, and
Danica, Workman Arts tour manager,
who traveled with us throughout our
Toronto tour!

T.L. Kennedy S.S. in Mississauga, Ontario

SATEC School in Scarborough, Ontario

A HUGE thanks to Royal Bank of Canada for sponsoring all of the 
school screenings, assemblies and panels!  

Brunch and panel discussion at the Royal Ballet of Toronto
sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada

While we were in Toronto, we stumbled upon a zombie wedding - how cool!
Lauren's boyfriend, Aaron, surprised her in Toronto!

Several middle schools in the Toronto area took buses
to Harbord for a screening and assembly!

Harbord Collegiate in Toronto, Ontario

University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia
Thanks so much to Delta Gamma and Kappa Kappa
Gamma for taking such great care of us
while we were there!

We had such a wonderful time meeting all of these incredible people and seeing change take place in schools and communities.  It was very surreal for us to bring Kind Campaign internationally, but it is very evident that the schools in Canada are facing the same challenges as the ones in America.  The message of KINDness is universal and it was a wonderful journey spreading that message throughout the month of October!  But, it doesn't stop there... Kind Campaign is constantly traveling, screening the film, and doing assemblies in schools and communities across the country (and now internationally)!  Check out to learn more about how to schedule a screening or assembly in your community!

Kind Campaign