November 28, 2011

Girl Scouts Girltopia

The beautiful and talented Jess Weiner hosted an amazing panel at the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles' Girltopia!  We were honored to be included on the panel made up of some INSPIRING women!  We were joined by actress Kim Coles and i am that girl's Emily Greener to talk about the media's influence on young people, how it effects who they are and how they portray themselves, and how to create positive media that engages audiences.  

Let me say one thing: Girl Scouts are smart.  Jess led an interactive discussion with both groups and we talked about the fact that shows that are high-conflict and high-drama desensitize us and make it seem like these relationships and situations that we see portrayed on the small screen are completely normal, when really they are not.  At all.  It was incredible to hear what ideas the Girl Scouts had for implementing positive programming that is entertaining and successful.  Such a great day, spent with amazing women.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!  We are so thankful for every single one of you.  Thank you for encouraging, supporting, and spreading the KIND message.

love love love,

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