August 30, 2011

kind connections

Throughout our Kind Campaign journey, we've had the amazing opportunity of meeting some pretty incredible and inspiring individuals!!  The kind, passionate, and welcoming friends that we have made throughout our travels is at the top of the list for one of my favorite parts of Kind Campaign.  Whenever Lauren or I are asked what our favorite location has been, I stumble trying to come up with an answer.  This is because it really is the people that we encounter that make up our journey.

There is one special individual who you have heard us talk about before due to her outreach and acts of Kindness.  She creates and sells the cutest bracelets (check them out here) and donates the proceeds to Kind Campaign, she has mini-fundraisers via FacebookTwitter, and her blog promoting us and raising us money at the same time, and she has connected this network of KIND across the country through reaching out to other girls (shout-out to our University of Iowa supporters) that have encountered Kind Campaign.  Her name is Amanda Tyson and she has taken on our motto of Be Kind and tries to promote it in every way!

Amanda happened to be in Los Angeles this past weekend, so we met up with her for lunch to catch up on life!  She even tried avocado for the first time with us!!  She's going to want to stop going out to eat with us... we have  a history of inspiring her to try new things!  When we were in Maine on our last tour, she was a wonderful hostess and took us to eat lobster... only she had never tried it before - until we came!  Let's just say she liked the avocado a lot more than the lobster!

While she was here, she also made it out to an incredible performance by the one-and-only Nicole Vaughn!  (You recognize Nicole from our last tour -- she's the dreamboat that toured with us, serenaded us, and performed after screenings and assemblies).  Seeing these two reunite makes me so happy! 

We are so happy that we got to see Amanda on her trip to Los Angeles!  Amanda, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, and you are KIND!  Thank you for being such a huge supporter of Kind Campaign!!  Have a safe trip back to Maine!

Is there anyone that you've connected with because of Kind Campaign?  We love to hear when KINDness brings people together!  Let us know in the comment section below!

Heading off to meetings now... have a GREAT Tuesday!  
love love love,

August 29, 2011

Family Circle Feature!


We've got some exciting news to start off your week!!  Kind Campaign is featured in the current issue of Family Circle!!

We were honored to be interviewed by the lovely Celia Shatzman several months ago and have been anxiously awaiting the issue that would feature Kind Campaign!  It comes at a perfect time since we are spending our days gearing up for another tour this Fall!

Check out the full article online here, pick up a copy of the mag, spread the word, and let us know what you think below in the comments section!  

love love love,

August 26, 2011

Patricia's Truth

Hey everyone! It's been a minute since I have posted on our blog.  This summer has been so busy, especially the last couple months, preparing for our 3rd tour and writing the curriculum for Kind Clubs!! We are so excited to launch the official Kind Club curriculum this Fall! :)  

I will write a more in depth post later, but for now, I wanted to showcase a poem that was submitted to Kind Campaign. 

Patricia sent a collection of poems to us and I think they really capture a lot of the feelings girls have as they walk down the halls at school...especially at the beginning of the year when everyone is just getting back to school.  Here is one of her amazing poems:


Facing it all is too tough
Walking away is easier
But fading to black, the easiest.

You don't want me around
Because I reflect what's inside
You, all you don't like.

You taunt and belittle me
To raise yourself higher
To make your star gold.

I won't go to school today
You've made it too tough
You have won it all.

Remember:  Every single person at your school has a story.  You have no idea what someone is going through and the struggles they deal with on and off campus.  This school year, I challenge you to say "Hi" to people you may not normally associate yourself with.  Sit with someone alone at lunch. Have a conversation with a girl that seems down.  I know how hard school can be and the social pressures you face can seem paralyzing.  I promise that one day you will look back and wish you could have done some things different.  I know I wish I would have stuck up for certain people, or reached out to girls that were alone at school.  It's so much cooler to be able to look back at your middle or high school experience and know that you made a difference.  At the very least,  avoid being a part of the drama.  You will have such a better school experience if you respect the girls around you by being KIND.   I know that may sound cheesy to you, but it's true.  I know from experience because I was in your shoes not that long ago.  

Just some food for thought.  

Have a wonderful Friday.  

Love Wins.

August 25, 2011


Image via Pinterest
There's a song of Miss Taylor's that really stands out to me from her Fearless album.  I remember hearing "The Best Day" when Lauren and I were in the very beginning days of creating Kind Campaign.  I heard it one day and thought... wow, this issue really does affect everyone.  Here is this rising starlet, singing about coming home in tears when she was thirteen because of the things that her friends had said to her at school:

          I'm thirteen now
          And don't know how my friends
          Could be so mean

          I come home crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys
          And we drive and drive
          Until we've found a town
          Far enough away

          And we talk and window-shop
          Until I've forgotten all their names

          I don't know who I'm gonna talk to
          Now at school
          I know I'm laughing on the car ride home with you
          Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay
          But I know I had the best day
          With you today

The song documents her childhood and how her she cherishes the relationship that she has with her mom.  But, it was the above lines in the song really got my attention.  It was just another reminder that every female has dealt with girl-against-girl "crime" at some point within their lives, and another reminder that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

T-Swift is on the brain because Lauren and I got to see the lovely lady LIVE in concert!!!  Thanks to Lauren's friend, Remy, we scored free tickets to the Taylor Swift concert here in Los Angeles!  We had a super fun girl's night singing and dancing to the tunes of T-Swift!

She put on an incredible show and we had so much fun spending time with our girlfriends!  

As school is about to start for so many of you, remember to keep this in mind: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Cherish your friendships, have fun with your friends, and remember that it's okay at any age to have a girl's night out to be silly, to love each other, to sing and to dance around... that's what friends are for.

What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?  What's your favorite memory with friends?  What are you most excited for the next school/work year?  We want to hear from you in the comment section below! 

Have an AMAZING day!  Give a friend a call that you haven't talked to in a while!
love love love,

August 22, 2011

skype date

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you've probably already seen the wonderful photos documenting our Skype work session, but since we were too busy working last week to put them on the blog, I thought I would post them now!

For those of you who don't know what Skype is all about, it's a wonderful computer app that makes it super easy to conference, chat, or call people from your computer!  Utilized a ton by people traveling overseas, but the screen sharing feature is a huge hit with Lauren and me!  

We've been busy working on the Kind Club Curriculum, but wanting to steer clear of traffic in Los Angeles we've been having more and more Skype dates recently : ) 

I am sure this week will be filled with many more Skype dates, but that means that there are some SUPER exciting things brewing in the Kind Campaign world!

Hope your Monday is off to a wonderful and productive start!
love love love,

August 12, 2011

the sisterhood of the traveling office

This week (like so many in the life of Kind Campaign) has been filled with a different "office" every day.  Lauren and I are constantly traveling, which means that our office is typically in an airport, hotel, car, home, school, you get the point.  But when we are at home, our office becomes our home or any agreed upon, meet-in-the-middle location (Lauren lives in Santa Monica and I live in Westlake, even though not far from each other the Los Angeles traffic is enough to kill a person).  This week, we've been switching off back and forth... my apartment, lauren's apartment, starbucks in malibu, and skype (we can be anywhere as long as theirs an internet connection).

Here's a little sneak peek of our time at "the office":

Even though it's great that we're able to be mobile, sometimes we wish we just had a space to call our own...

It's been a wonderful and very productive week!  And yes, you heard right (if you didn't hear - you didn't watch the above video), we're gearing up for another tour during anti-bullying month!!  More details to come, but let's just say Seattle, Atlanta, Richmond, Minneapolis and Denver... get excited!  We'll spill the beans soon, but if you live in one of those areas (or anywhere else in the world) and just can't wait, check out for more details on booking a screening or assembly in your area so that Kind Campaign can come to YOUR town!

As you wrap up your day at wherever your "office" may be, we hope you have a safe and KIND weekend!
love love love,

August 9, 2011

Actionist Jess Weiner in Glamour!

Being immersed within "Girl World" on a day-to-day basis, we encounter every pre-requisite girl issue under the sun.  More often than not, body image becomes a topic of conversation as we travel and speak with thousands of females all over the country.  The struggle to accept ourselves and our bodies plays into our insecurities and is often at the heart of girl-against-girl "crime." 

Actionist Jess Weiner, featured in Finding Kind, opens up a new dialogue about her journey with self-image, a journey that ultimately was the catalyst to new discoveries about what it means to be healthy.  In the recent issue of Glamour Magazine, Jess reveals a shocking discovery while visiting the doctor.  After having not visited the doctor in years, Jess was informed that she was pre-diabetic with abnormal stats.  This caused her to stop and think:

"It didn’t matter in that many books I had written or speeches I had given about loving your body and accepting yourself as you are. The cold, hard truth was that accepting myself as I was was putting my life in danger."

The article highlights the courageous steps she takes emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to turn her health around.  

Jess was so brave to not only go on this journey, but also to share it with the world to encourage other females to tune into their bodies and ask the question: Am I healthy?  Being comfortable within your own skin effects your relationship with yourself and those around you.  That is why we think it's important for every person, no matter what shape or size, to pay attention to what your body is telling you.  

Be sure to pick up a copy of Glamour  on newsstands now and join the conversation on  Also, tune in tomorrow to see Jess on The Today Show (at 9:15 am) and CNN Showbiz!   

Kind Campaign     

August 2, 2011

workkkkk day.

Holy Moly!

Today has been a long day of WORK!

Lauren and I have been working on a variety of things since this morning, but are still up and at 'em as the new day is about to begin.

We had an exciting interview earlier today with Time for Kids Magazine that will come out sometime around October-ish (we'll keep you posted)!  The rest of the day has been spent working on content for our new website!  We cannot wait to unleash this beauty of a site!  We've been working with ErroThree, the amazing company who designed the original site.  I don't know if you can tell, but we are SO excited about it - and we think you will be too!  

Of course in the midst of all this work we've been able to sneak in some quality girl talk... which is always SO much fun!

Okay, well as the minutes tick closer and closer to midnight, I better get back to work...

Hope your day was wonderful as well!
love love love,

August 1, 2011

be the change.

We've made a few changes around here!  Updated the look of the blog and added a few things, so we hope you enjoy!  

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday and have an amazing week!

love love love,