August 9, 2011

Actionist Jess Weiner in Glamour!

Being immersed within "Girl World" on a day-to-day basis, we encounter every pre-requisite girl issue under the sun.  More often than not, body image becomes a topic of conversation as we travel and speak with thousands of females all over the country.  The struggle to accept ourselves and our bodies plays into our insecurities and is often at the heart of girl-against-girl "crime." 

Actionist Jess Weiner, featured in Finding Kind, opens up a new dialogue about her journey with self-image, a journey that ultimately was the catalyst to new discoveries about what it means to be healthy.  In the recent issue of Glamour Magazine, Jess reveals a shocking discovery while visiting the doctor.  After having not visited the doctor in years, Jess was informed that she was pre-diabetic with abnormal stats.  This caused her to stop and think:

"It didn’t matter in that many books I had written or speeches I had given about loving your body and accepting yourself as you are. The cold, hard truth was that accepting myself as I was was putting my life in danger."

The article highlights the courageous steps she takes emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to turn her health around.  

Jess was so brave to not only go on this journey, but also to share it with the world to encourage other females to tune into their bodies and ask the question: Am I healthy?  Being comfortable within your own skin effects your relationship with yourself and those around you.  That is why we think it's important for every person, no matter what shape or size, to pay attention to what your body is telling you.  

Be sure to pick up a copy of Glamour  on newsstands now and join the conversation on  Also, tune in tomorrow to see Jess on The Today Show (at 9:15 am) and CNN Showbiz!   

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