August 30, 2011

kind connections

Throughout our Kind Campaign journey, we've had the amazing opportunity of meeting some pretty incredible and inspiring individuals!!  The kind, passionate, and welcoming friends that we have made throughout our travels is at the top of the list for one of my favorite parts of Kind Campaign.  Whenever Lauren or I are asked what our favorite location has been, I stumble trying to come up with an answer.  This is because it really is the people that we encounter that make up our journey.

There is one special individual who you have heard us talk about before due to her outreach and acts of Kindness.  She creates and sells the cutest bracelets (check them out here) and donates the proceeds to Kind Campaign, she has mini-fundraisers via FacebookTwitter, and her blog promoting us and raising us money at the same time, and she has connected this network of KIND across the country through reaching out to other girls (shout-out to our University of Iowa supporters) that have encountered Kind Campaign.  Her name is Amanda Tyson and she has taken on our motto of Be Kind and tries to promote it in every way!

Amanda happened to be in Los Angeles this past weekend, so we met up with her for lunch to catch up on life!  She even tried avocado for the first time with us!!  She's going to want to stop going out to eat with us... we have  a history of inspiring her to try new things!  When we were in Maine on our last tour, she was a wonderful hostess and took us to eat lobster... only she had never tried it before - until we came!  Let's just say she liked the avocado a lot more than the lobster!

While she was here, she also made it out to an incredible performance by the one-and-only Nicole Vaughn!  (You recognize Nicole from our last tour -- she's the dreamboat that toured with us, serenaded us, and performed after screenings and assemblies).  Seeing these two reunite makes me so happy! 

We are so happy that we got to see Amanda on her trip to Los Angeles!  Amanda, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, and you are KIND!  Thank you for being such a huge supporter of Kind Campaign!!  Have a safe trip back to Maine!

Is there anyone that you've connected with because of Kind Campaign?  We love to hear when KINDness brings people together!  Let us know in the comment section below!

Heading off to meetings now... have a GREAT Tuesday!  
love love love,

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  1. Thanks to Kind Campaign I also got to meet both the lovely Nicole & Amanda! Amanda helped my fund raising team, The Babes for Boobs, raise funds for breast cancer research but crafting a hope bracelet. Thank you Kind Campaign for creating that KIND connection :)