August 12, 2011

the sisterhood of the traveling office

This week (like so many in the life of Kind Campaign) has been filled with a different "office" every day.  Lauren and I are constantly traveling, which means that our office is typically in an airport, hotel, car, home, school, you get the point.  But when we are at home, our office becomes our home or any agreed upon, meet-in-the-middle location (Lauren lives in Santa Monica and I live in Westlake, even though not far from each other the Los Angeles traffic is enough to kill a person).  This week, we've been switching off back and forth... my apartment, lauren's apartment, starbucks in malibu, and skype (we can be anywhere as long as theirs an internet connection).

Here's a little sneak peek of our time at "the office":

Even though it's great that we're able to be mobile, sometimes we wish we just had a space to call our own...

It's been a wonderful and very productive week!  And yes, you heard right (if you didn't hear - you didn't watch the above video), we're gearing up for another tour during anti-bullying month!!  More details to come, but let's just say Seattle, Atlanta, Richmond, Minneapolis and Denver... get excited!  We'll spill the beans soon, but if you live in one of those areas (or anywhere else in the world) and just can't wait, check out for more details on booking a screening or assembly in your area so that Kind Campaign can come to YOUR town!

As you wrap up your day at wherever your "office" may be, we hope you have a safe and KIND weekend!
love love love,

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