December 8, 2011

The BIG 2-5!!

Today marks a very special day in the world of Kind Campaign!  It is Lauren's 25th birthday today!  I just wanted to use the blog to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my partner in KIND, Lauren!!!
So happy that this little one (Lauren's on the right with her sister, Brooke, and brother, Liam) was brought into my life! 
I am so thankful for her friendship, dedication, and encouragement.  Lauren, enjoy this day as we celebrate the 25 glorious years since your birth!  And here's to the next 25 (and many more) amazing years to come!

I love you baby girl!  Here's to YOU! 
love love love,

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  1. Dear kind campaign you should go to private schools it where a lot of girls get hurt I went to 1 and the girl who just be looking down on u cause you did do something I never fit in my friend in 3rd grade had people run up to me and say they are not ur friends any more because I was being me the girls their act different outside the class they would be so nice until they were around people Then they avoided u 4,5,And half of 6th grade I had 1 friend I hope u can cause I think it happens more their cause you don't have famous or rich parent