September 11, 2009

Crawford High School

Since it has been a few since the last update, Im just going to let you know about one of my favorite moments in the last few days.  From now on, I will write a quick update at the end of each day so I don't fall behind!

We held an assembly at Crawford High School in Crawford Nebraska yesterday.  It was AMAZING.  We set up the truth booth and lots of girls went in to say their piece.  I've been watching the truth booth footage--its beautiful and very heavy (in a good way).  I won't give you the details of what the truth booth is because its one of my favorite aspects of the film and I don't want to give it all away. 

The girls responded so well to the assembly!  When we opened the floor to the girls, so many of them gave their thoughts, opinions and stories about female bullying.  It was a really honest discussion and I could tell that they all felt really comfortable and excited to talk about the issue.

You may have seen the new website application called Kind Apology.  Kind Apology has also been integrated into the assembly schedule and is one of my favorite parts of the presentation.   We pass out Kind Apology cards (as well as Kind Pledge cards) for the girls to fill out.  Basically the card gives the girl the opportunity to write out a personal apology for something they have done or said to another female.  The girls have the option to keep it, give it back to us, or give it to the girl they are apologizing too.  

Watching the girls fill out their pledges and apologies yesterday was so cool.  They were so exicted about it.  A lot of the girls shared their pledges out loud for us and their class to hear.  I tried to pay attention as the girls were filling out their apologies.  Its important to me that they dont ever feel uncomfotable or pressured, so I wanted to make sure that filling those out was something they were okay with.  I was happy to see how exicted the girls were to have the chance to write out those apologies. 

Once they finished up, I started to notice girls getting up and handing their apologies to different girls within the assembly.  I really payed attention to the girls receiving the apologies to make sure that what was said on them didnt hurt their feelings.  As girls started to open their apologies, a number of things happened.  I watched as one girl got up and hugged the girl who apologized to her.  Some girls exchanges smiles and laughs.  Others started conversations about the boys they were fighting over and realized their friendship was more important.  It was so inspiring to watch.  I stood there and felt so at peace.  I was witnessing actual change being made within these girls lives.  

By the end of the assembly, I can honestly say that there was a complete different vibe among the girls compared to the beginning of the assembly.  Everyone left with smiles and seemed so positive and uplifted.  I really felt like there was a sense of healing and understanding among the girls.  

After the assembly, the teachers told us how excited and happy they were with the way the assembly went.  They really feel like the message will change a lot of their students lives and will alleviate some of the pain and drama currently going on within the school.

I had this facebook post on my wall today from a Crawford High School student:
 Rachel Mae Micheel Thanks so much for coming to crawford! it is really going to make a difference in our school! thanks again!  
Rachel Mae Micheel I think it helped knowing about the fact that it happens to all girls and there are "fights" between girls other than just here. sometimes it just feels that we are the only ones.

I am so inspired and uplifted by the girls I am meeting on this journey.  There is such an overwhelming goodness within the heart of a female.  We are nurturers in nature.  I think the pressures and messages we are fed sometimes get in the way and hinder that innate goodness. I feel excited though because actual change is happening.  Thank you Crawford High School girls!!! Meeting all of you has been one of my favorite parts of this journey!

I can't help but smile :)

LOVE wins.

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