September 1, 2009

Here we go...

Its hard to describe how I feel right now.  Its 1:38 am and in 4 hours I will be waking up to start this journey. 


The last week has been amazing.  Pre-production is A LOT of work.  There are SO many things to think about and account for...its all a part of the creative process though, so I wouldnt change one of the tedious tasks I have done throughout this whole process. Molly has been working so hard to get the final production schedules together.  Props to her :)  She's amazing and organized and supportive and...did I say she is amazing?  Its so rare to find a friend that you can work with- I am so happy to have found HER :)

Man.  Is it weird that I am welling up a bit at the thought of this whole thing?  I have wanted to speak out about this issue since I was a little girl.   To see how this movement has taken off is so affirming that this is an issue that NEEDS attention.  To see how willing friends, family and complete strangers have been to help with the pre production on this documentary and campaign tour reminds me that PEOPLE ARE GOOD.  

When all is said and done...when all our "things" are stripped away...when money and cell phones and twitter and make up and mirrors and tabloids and music and surfboards and Xbox are gone, we are left with each other- our brothers and sisters- our species- humans. and when you think about it like that...just a group of mammals placed here on earth... well, you realize that how we treat one another is the ONLY important thing.  Our ability to choose to NOT CARE about the people around us is the only thing that will ruin the beautiful life we have been given.  

Can't wait to update you on the incredible adventure we are about to embark on! 

I still have to pack my bag... oh man.

Love Wins.

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