August 26, 2009

roof over our heads...


Long time, no blog! I will do a recap of the crazyness of the past couple of weeks later on tonight. But, right now I wanted to call out to all of the homeowners, home renters, apartments owners, apartment renters, anyone with a roof over there head! Last minute are out of a place to stay in several cities, but we have faith that we can rely on friends, and friends of friends of friends of friends... to help us out!

There are five of us total, Lauren and I, our moms, and Chris, our cinematographer! We are not picky about sleeping (we just don't want to sleep in the car : ) ) and love meeting new people -- so really if you know of anyone in any of these cities -- please call on them and see if they wouldn't mind us sleeping in their home for a night!

Please pass this list along to anyone you know, as we leave in less than a week!! Email me,, if you know someone or pass along my email to anyone who may be able to house us for a night! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The date is the night that we are in that particular city.

City: Watsonville, CA: September 1

City: San Francisco, CA: September 2

City: Mitchell, OR, September 4th

City: Crawford, NE: September 8th

City: Gordon, NE: September 9th

City: Cedar Rapids, IA: September 10th

City: Rockford, IL: September 11th

City: Fremont, OH: September 14th

City: New York, NY: September 18th

City: Baltimore, MD: September 20th

City: Meridian, MS: September 27th

City: Baton Rouge, LA: September 29th

City: El Paso, TX: October 3rd

City: Lordsburg, NM: October 4th

City: Casa Grande, AZ: October 5th

love love love,

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