May 17, 2010

a new week

a new batch of things to be done...

film is truckin along... working with animators and graphic designers, music and clip licensing, figuring out who to work with for color correction and sound mixing and DVD creation/duplication....sooo much to be done. Its a non-stop job but I really enjoy every second of it. Good thing is there are good people and friends who do all these things and are helping out. Vegards knows people for sound and color so hes got some great contacts that are making the process easier. Cant wait to have this finished! We should have a new cut done this week... With all we have added and adjusted from the previous assembly cut, it will be heaps better.

Molly and I were invited to be members of an amazing organization/community of women called SMARTY. Its a community for entrepreneurial women to meet other like-minded people, gain connection, support, advice...they have events and coaching sessions. Its really amazing. This is from the website:

SMARTY: [noun, American, 2009] pron. “smahr-tee”

  1. Independent, of mind and spirit.
  2. A freelancer, entrepreneur, free agent, consultant, sole-practitioner.
  3. Identifies with #1. Can see a future in #2.

Check out the website! SMARTY.


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