May 3, 2010


I tried to submit our Pepsi Refresh Application for the third time and didnt make the 1,000 submission cut-off. Although what Pepsi is doing is incredible (donating millions of dollars to organizations and people with ideas) the whole process has been really frustrating. I finally realized that once you click submit at 9:00 on the 1st of each month, you are basically putting yourself into a lottery pool. I just know that if we made the 1,000 we would do well, and maybe even win the grant. God knows we need it right now...things are tight. I know everything will come together though.

On a happier note, I met with an amazing girl last week who has an unreal connection to the BBC and she is now back in London with our pitch DVD, putting it into the hands of the right people. To think, our doc could be shown on the BBC. That is an insane thought- but I believe in that thought- and SHE really believes in it too :) Ill keep you updated with that prospects progress.

Happy for another sunny day :)


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