April 28, 2010

things are happening.

Man, life is wild. Sometimes I look around me and everything seems so surreal. Did Lauren and I really travel around the country? Are we really planning on doing it again? Am I really graduated from college? Am I an adult or something? I have to stop myself from asking these questions because it starts me spinning into future mode (which isn’t necessarily bad), but I need to just constantly remind myself to live in the moment. Time is flying by and I can’t stop this train (shout out to John Mayer), but just live… right now… in the moment.

That’s what I did this weekend. Lauren mentioned in her last blog that I had a little surprise up my sleeve for Saturday afternoon and I sure did, so I figured I would let y’all in on it! I asked Lauren to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!!! It was a glorious Saturday afternoon – the weather was perfect – and we went to an amazing hidden gem in Malibu called Malibu Family Winery. We had an amazing day where I tried to do just that – live in the moment. The incredible moment of love, friendship, beauty, nature, happiness…all things that make me smile. Oh, and thankfully Laur said YES to being a bridesmaid : ) – so I was very excited!!

I think another reason why I am just blown away by life is because: the end of this week marks a year of Lauren and I being graduates of Pepperdine University.
I just cannot believe it. I think I am in denial that I am a graduate in the first place, so the fact that it’s been an entire year and I cannot say that I am fresh out of college nauseates me while also brings tears to my eyes. I was on Pepperdine’s campus last week showing a friend from home around (she was trying to decide on colleges… but now she has decided on Pepperdine – yay!). I digress – I was on Pepperdine’s campus and they had already started setting up for graduation and I am probably embarrassing myself by saying this, but it brought me to tears. Just a year ago, we graduated and within the past year, we traveled across the country and filmed a documentary. It blows my mind that now, a year later, we are in post on the doc and are once again starting the cycle over by planning another road trip to launch the school programs and premiere the film… WILD!

Oh man… good things are happening all around. Another one of those GREAT things is an incredible company called Bella Royale has agreed to sponsor Kind Campaign by giving their customers 10% off their amazing skin care products, while also donating 20% of each purchase to Kind Campaign! *Just use the coupon code bekind at check out!!* Visit http://www.bellaroyale.com for more information about the amazing company and incredible skin care line!! This is HUGE for us since we are paying out to so many things right now (post production on the documentary and everything that comes along with traveling across the country) so we THANK the incredible women at Bella Royale SO much!

Like I said… things are happening. I am heading out of town so I hope y’all have an amazing next couple of weeks!!! And momma and meme… since I will be gone and won’t be able to call you... HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
*For those of you wondering… Mother’s Day is May 9th. Do something KIND for your Mom – she is an incredible woman!

love love love,

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  1. awwww thanks my sweet molly girl!!! was missin' my girl and read this just when i needed it most!! luvs - yr momma