April 23, 2010

Fundraisers, Concerts, Kind and the Weeks Endddd

SOOOOO excited for the weekend!!! Its been a really long but VERY productive week. I am going to Vegards in a little to edit and I cant wait. We are at that stage where every minute of the edit becomes more and more exciting because the film is developing so quickly now. yay! :)

Yesterday I had lunch with Jack (one of our producers on the film and my dear/bun friend) and his good friend Susie Spain. She runs the non-profit Angels at Risk. We are talking about coming together to have a fundraiser/awareness night concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood. We were talking about people to play the concert and Jack was throwing some really amazing names around...Edward Sharpe being one of them :) Nothing is set and stone...not even the actual show...there is A LOT that we need to work on to make this happen. But its in the works and just the conversation is exciting!!! We are thinking of doing it in the beginning of September to kick off the school program road trip.

I havent seen Molly since lasttttt...what was it...Wednesday!!! 9 days ago! Sadness!!! wait... that is a lie. haha I saw her Tuesday at our meeting with Carolyn Himes. Speaking of Carolyn Himes... We have our next fundraiser on SUNDAY JUNE 6th from 4-6pm at Haute Cakes Cafe in Newport Beach!! Its going to be awesome and we want all of you there. You can come hear us speak and watch a bit of the documentary. We are also looking for sponsors who are interested in helping fund the school program and documentary post production. You can come to the fundraiser to be a part of this. Or, you can visit our website and donate!! Here is the link: DONATE We would love to meet all of you on June 6th! Here is a link to the Haute Cakes website so you can see the location of the event: Haute Cakes

So back to the weekend-- I am going to see my roommate/bestie sing in a KIIS FM concert/competition tonight!! The winner gets to sing at Wango Tango! I know she is going to win, caaaaause she rules. Her name is Samantha Marq and you have to check her out!!

Tomorrow I am meeting at Molly at 2:00 and I actually dont know what it is for because she is being secretive about it. So I will let you know at the end of the weekend what its all about.

Sunday I am going to see my good aussie friends, Stefan and Jonno, and their new documentary film Somewhere Near Tapachula, premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I have seen a cut but am soooooo stoked to see the final product. It will be super inspiring to watch. Check out the trailer. Its such an important film that everyone should see.

Aiiighttt. Have a wonderful weekend! Do a random act of KINDness :)

Love Wins.

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