April 20, 2010

update update update


Well, at least this time it hasn't been a whole month before a blog... so we are getting better... right?!? Not really, but just know that we are trying to keep y'all updated!!

We had an amazing event at Fred Segal! Thank you so much to
everyone who came out to support us - it was such an amazing and inspiring feeling to be in a room surrounded by such amazing people! We had such incredible and uplifting conversations that night and we cannot wait to see what happens with the new
friends that we made! A special thank you to Darrylynn with the Good Works Space, at Zero Minus Plus, within Fred Segal. Also, thank you so much to Westlake Custom Framing for doing such an
amazing job with our frames for the installation!! Also, another shout out to Pro Lab Digital for helping us with more printing and creating the banner for the installation!!! We could not be where we are right now without the constant help of others! Thank you thank you thank you!!

I am going to wrap this up because I am about to leave to go to Lauren's to get some work done on this school program road trip tour! We are so excited about it and fingers crossed, hoping, and praying that sponsors/funding comes through so that we are able to do this road trip and reach as many schools/people as possible in the shortest amount of time! After that Lauren and I are heading down to Newport for a meeting with an amazing woman that we met at the Fred Segal event! We are meeting with her to talk about a possible fundraiser down in Newport in the next month or so... so we are very excited!

We will keep you posted with more updates soon! If you haven't had a chance -- check out our channel on youtube!!!

Have an amazing day!

love love love,

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