April 20, 2010


Yesterday Vegard and I worked for about 8 hours on the doc. I love those long days in the edit. Man. I am so excited about this film. We have a first cut pretty much finished...its a 3 hours movie at the moment. But little by little we are chipping away at each section, adding things, taking things away, and integrating new ideas. Its so hard to go through all the footage and watch so many amazing stories and have to choose which ones to put in. Some of my favorite moments and interviews from the road trip cant be in the film- for various reasons...doesnt fit, we already have a similar interview, sound issue etc...-- and it KILLS me! I just want a 150 hour film with everything we have ever shot. no. that would be terrible... but you know what I mean.

I cant wait to add all the music to the film. I was watching the first act yesterday all the way through and I didnt even realize there wasnt music playing until after... thats a good thing. I was watching and felt really emotional and thought "dang. this is really good". but usually when you edit, its the music that really drive those emotions home. I realized while watching that the music is going to be an extra bonus...something that makes it even better...not something that makes the film. The film could do without music and that realization affirms to me that we have a pretty sweet little doc goin.

welp, everything is great with the doc. still need some significant funding but I am hoping with some prospects we have going, that will be taken care of. fingers crossed :)

love wins.

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