June 18, 2010


This week I re-wrote and re-recorded all of my voice over for the documentary. I am so awkward when I do voiceovers haha. Vegard and I were laughing yesterday because he was saying he could make a pretty interesting reel out of all my out-takes while recording...its true...some of the things that come out of my mouth. wow. its pretty interesting. Ill have to have him put that reel together so you can hear.

Its so strange to listen to yourself talk like that. This time I was excited to record though because the new VO really tells the story. I feel really proud of it and how this doc is coming together. I see an end to this post production madness and its getting me excited! I've had some new ideas this week that I brought into the edit and they are translating really nicely...love when that happens. To the left is where I sit everyday-- with Vegard (our editor), staring at those screens. It's actually really fun. I LOVE post production.

Molly and I have been meeting with a group of people, getting together a pitch that is happening on the 28th of this month. Its with a HUGE network and if the pitch goes, it could take KC to a crazy new level. Part of this deal is for them to distribute the documentary which would be INSANNNNEEEEE. I feel really confident about what we are presenting so keep your fingers crossed! That is all I want to say for now because I dont want to jinx anything. We will let you know who the network is and more details after the pitch meeting :)

KC has been rooting the LAKERS on and I can proudly say that TONIGHT they kicked some Celtic bootayyyy!!!!!!! Watching them win was quite a phenomenal experience. I was at a bar on melrose with a bunch of friends and let me just say that the city (los angeles) went crazy in those last 10 seconds. People were stopping and getting out of their cars and dancing around. So fun :)

These are some pics from game 5

Molly left today to go to Denver to speak at her sororities national convention about Kind Campaign. She will update you about her experience when she returns! Keep her in your thoughts! I know she will be amazing!


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