June 9, 2010

Telluride 3.0

Mountainfilm i love thee.  everyday is a new adventure. everyday is a new idea. everyday is meeting new people. everyday is new. 

Last week I was in Telluride Colorado at the MountainFilm Festival.  This is my third year traveling to that festival with Tom Shadyac and the crew...the crew being just the most amazing group of people--movers, thinkers, artists...good good people with huge hearts. I love my Telluride family.  

The whole week was full of good films, good people, good conversation, good food,  laughter,
inspiration...everything you need.   Toms documentary, I Am, premiered at the festival and it was so amazing to be a part of that moment.  Him, Dagan Handy, Jackie Zampella and Nikki Pritchett have been working so hard on the film and they had all their family and friends behind them with love and support.  The doc is simply amazing.  You walk away truly wanting to be a better person. You walk away feeling changed and aware of the way you interact with other people.  I cannot wait for you all to see it.  Check out the I AM website.  The film won the student choice award and the audience choice award and they deserved it.  SO exciting.  Some other docs that really moved me that week were: Wasteland,  Bag It, Music By Prudence, Somewhere Near Tapachula and Sons of Perdition.  Check them out! 

I feel so lucky to have been a part of that festival for the last 3 years.  Each year, I come back feeling refreshed and ready for something new.  The first year I came back with the inspiration to finally take my idea of doing something about Girl World and put it into something tangible-- into a doc, into a movement.  Although I always knew I would do something about this issue, I can honestly say that without the opportunity to travel to that festival three years ago and without the life changing experience it provided, Kind Campaign and this doc probably wouldn't exist.  It literally altered my life.  It called me to action.  Thats why I am so excited to hopefully bring Finding Kind to MountainFilm next year... because that is where this whole thing was born.  It was born among the mountains and the trees and a group of incredible people who have changed my life and inspired me in so many ways. I will forever be grateful for that place and those relationships :) 


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