June 30, 2010


After 4 months of trying, we FINALLY got accepted into the Pepsi Refresh Grant cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Molly and I were traveling home from speakin in Boston today so Vegard (finding kind editor) submitted for us while we were in the air heading back to LA. You have to submit at 9pm (westcoast time) on the 1st of every month. Getting into the voting cycle is basically a lottery. Insane amounts of people all over the country press SUBMIT at the exact same time and just hope and pray that their application will make it into one of the first 1,000. Believe me, I have almost chucked my computer over the balcony the last 4 times I tried--watching the server crash and the cycle close within ONE minute because of how many people submit. But this time it's KIND CAMPAIGNS turn!!!! I cannot even begin to describe the excitement running through me right now. Right when we landed, Molly and I had an email from Vegard letting us know that the application made it through and we were in a state of shock.

HOWEVER, although being in the cycle is awesome, we still have to await the approval on our application from Pepsi and THEN on August 1st, the one month voting cycle begins. That is where YOU come in!!! The grant is only received if you receive the most votes. We are going to need your help with this but we have faith that we can make this happen!!!!

This money would finish the post-production on the documentary and fund so many projects such as our upcoming 3 months Fall KC school assembly tour, Kind Clubs, website development, merch...the list goes on and on but you will see our budget breakdown on our profile :)

We will keep you updated and remind you when the voting begins!!!!


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