March 2, 2010

It's Already March!?!

Well hello!

It's been quite some time since you've heard from me : (! Things have been a bit crazy/hectic since returning from the road trip (as Lauren amazingly recapped!!)! If you missed it -- since returning I have spent two months living in New York, got engaged over Thanksgiving in
Paris, and have since moved back to California!! Thankfully, I am getting settled in and things are coming back to a somewhat normalcy! I definitely missed sunny CA, and phone calls with Lauren just weren't enough! We had a great time in Dallas catching up (see pic from NCL TickTocker Day!!!) and I have loved being back close by! But, I will say that nothing beats the days when we were within walking distance of each other...oh the glorious days of college!!!

Anyways, just wanted to say hello, let you know that I am still alive and well, and I am thinking about all of you!!! I am SO incredibly excited about the amazing things Kind Campaign is doing right now! If you haven't checked out the trailer yet -- you've got to ASAP! Lauren and Vegard have been working non-stop to make it absolutely perfect... and let me just say that even after watching it a million times I am still brought to tears and blown away!! Also, we just finished finalizing the School Program Assembly Information Packet, so we are going to start working with districts to launch the school program in the fall!

I just loaded a bunch of pictures on my computer from the past couple of months and stumbled upon a pretty cool picture from our assembly at Marywood Palm Valley -- which Lauren already talked about, but let me just reiterate -- it was AMAZING!!! Check out some of the pics from that

Alright, I am done rambling on about my excitement and love for KC and you all! Hope everyone is having an amazing day and a great start to the week!

love love love,

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