April 16, 2012

why we do what we do.

Because of emails and letters like the one below that we received from a girl after her school held a screening of Finding Kind.

Dear Finding Kind,
                A few days ago I was told all the girls in the school were to watch a movie about girls "finding kind." My first impression, stupid, Did the teachers really expect one movie to change the ways we react to others, especially girls? We all came into the room and sat down with our friends, already a few girls commented on another girls outfit and some other sassy remarks were made before the lights finally dimmed for the movie. The teacher showed us a trailer at first and the beginning scene was two beautiful girls who admitted they were bullied before. A thought was, if they were bullied we are all screwed but that was judging all on looks. The movie started and I was immediately hooked. Amazing, gorgeous girls were admitting to being bullied and bullying other girls. A feeling of  closure was set upon me. I was not alone. As the movie went on I realized that some people had it much worse than me, and that killed me.  No one was stopping it, no one would stand up for themselves or each other. I made a promise during this movie, a promise that I hope I will never break, I promised myself I would stop it when I saw bullying happening. Being my confident self I knew  I could easily stand up for me, that wasn't good enough, I could help someone else. During this movie tears were shed of sadness for other girls who had experienced feelings that no one should experience. The movie came to a close and I was simply blown away. This movie was nothing less than amazing. Cards of apologies were given out and hugs between friends who would not even make eye contact before were exchanged. Kind cards were then read which concluded in the feeling of pure bliss. When we were to share about our feelings that is when the life changing experience actually began. Together as a group of girls of different ages and sizes cried, we cried together, for ourselves and for each other. Feelings that I tried to keep hidden bubbled over like boiling water. Sixty Four girls became one and everyone was accepted. No daggered looks or harmful words or judging glances, everyone was accepted. This experience, this moment was life changing and what seemed to be impossible became real, sixty four girls found kind.
                                                Thank You for Changing my life,
                                                                  Kirkland Washington


  1. What a wonderful letter. Made me cry just reading it and I am not a young person. This is another example of what Kind Campaign is all about. Changeing lives.

  2. I agree. This is a wonderfully written letter, marked with sincerity and purpose. I am glad I got to view the movie tonight with my son.