April 20, 2012

Important Announcement

After 3 years of touring and traveling to hundreds of schools, the two of us have decided to step into the next chapter of our lives. This Fall will be the FINAL Kind Campaign Anti-Bullying tour and the LAST time you will be able to book us for a Kind Campaign assembly. We will be traveling from August-November. If you are interested in booking a Kind Campaign assembly please do so at: http://findingkind.indieflix.com/host/

Although we wont be personally touring anymore, Kind Campaign will still live on. We are excited to share with you our new plans and strategy to continue sharing Finding Kind and a new DVD assembly program. More info to come soon!

Lauren & Molly

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  1. I just found out about your website and campaign from my manager, who has two young girls -- one just starting school next year. I had just shared with her a poem I wrote last month on the heels of some abusive "adult-to-adult" behavior I had witnessed. Not sure if Hogwash, my poem, can be of use, but you have my permission to do so!


    We learned to use it as a kid
    When bullies came our way:
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones. . .”
    Became the thing to say.

    With false bravado, we would fend
    Attackers off with this.
    But we, and they, both knew that day
    Their meanness didn’t miss.

    Yes, even then we knew the truth –
    That words could wound much worse.
    Such mem’ries trapped within our brains
    Could be a constant curse.

    Truth is, cruel words when verbalized --
    Or said by other means --
    Are like a poison, fast or slow,
    That sickens ‘hind the scenes.

    Especially words ‘said’ other ways:
    A disapproving glance.
    Hands on hips. Or arms held crossed.
    A sly, dismissive stance.

    Oh, they will say: “I DIDN’T SAY that!”
    Such a neat excuse. . .
    When by their ‘shouting’ body language,
    Hell has been set loose.

    Yes, words – however ‘spoken’ --
    Can fester deep below,
    So let’s be honest with ourselves.
    The poem should go like so:

    Though sticks and stones may break my bones
    The hurts will prob’ly heal.
    But those deep wounds left by your ‘words’
    I’ll likely always feel.

    © Greg Sawatzky, May, 2012