January 7, 2010

Where to begin...

WOW. I haven't posted in a while and its been three months since we returned home from the road trip! So much has been happening with the non profit and the film!!! Ill just give you a quick update on some things going on...

We landed an AMAAAAAZING editor named Vegard. You can check out his reel here: http://www.vegard-sorby.com/reel.html. He is brilliant and he is awesome to work with! Him and I have been meeting almost everyday for the last two months. We have a lot of fun together and our ideas mesh really well. I think we are going to create a really amazing documentary together :) To the left is a picture of Vegard during one of our editing sessions.

When I first returned home, I had this semi-crazy deadline for myself... thinking we would be able to finish the film within a couple months. After sitting down and sifting through the footage, I quickly realized that my February deadline was a bit nuts... Editing a documentary take A LONG time and Im finding that my vision for the film has changed since we started editing. Its good though because the goal now is to have the film done by July and Vegard and I are feeling better about not rushing the process.

hmm...so much has happened I dont even know where to go next....

Molly made a temporary move to New York to nanny for a family so I haven't been able to see her which is super lame :( BUT...she comes back to Cali this week and I am so excited to have her back in my life! Speaking of Molly, she got engaged!!!!!! I am so happy for her and Chris. They make such a beautiful couple. I want them to have babes so I can be an Aunt :) To the right is Molly being proposed to in Paris!

I am flying out to Texas Saturday morning because Molly and I are speaking at a huge National Charity League conference in Dallas! There are going to be around 1,000 girls there! It will be such a wonderful experience for both Molly and I and the girls. I cant wait to speak! I have been missing the assembly/group discussions that I had become so accustomed to while on the doc road trip. Being with girls and talking about this issue is where the heart of this project lies. Molly and I both get so excited when we know we are going to meet new girls and share Kind Campaign with them.

On Jan 22nd, we are going to be a part of our first film festival! yay! An amazing group of people (shout out Katie Stjernholm!) are putting on a big festival in Malibu. Since Vegard and I dont have a film finished yet, they are letting us show a preview of the doc. They will be playing it before all the films. Vee (my name for Vegard) and I have been working super hard getting it together. Here is a link to the festival website: http://reelstoriesfilmfest.com/
Once its finished we are going to send it to Andrew (our composer) and he is going to set a score to it. It should be pretty rad. We are going to put the trailer on the Doc website so once its finished you can all see it!

Speaking of music...we are stoked to have Nicole Vaughn as our official Finding Kind musical artist! Her amazing tunes are going to be running throughout the film. She is awesome and you should for sure check out her stuff: http://www.myspace.com/nicolevaughnmusic

Since returning, we have a new Producer on board who is helping us with distribution and funding. He is really experienced and a good friend of mine so I am really excited to have him on board. He just finished Producing a film about his father and I was lucky enough to watch one of their final cuts. Its SO phenomenal...it had every element a doc should have- reality, emotion, struggle, comedy. Its really perfect in my opinion. I think its going to win awards and do really well on the festival circuit. Jack did such a wonderful job with the film so I know he will be such an asset to Finding Kind. Here is the link to the doc so you can check it out! http://wreckageofmypast.com/

I met with the Capistrano Unified School District about a month ago and we are set up to go into all of their school this coming September to begin the Kind Campaign school program! That is the goal of this whole operation...to bring the film to schools and tour with an assembly program, so we are so thankful to already have something in the works!

The constant emails that we get from women and girls around the country are so encouraging, so thank YOU. So many of you are so willing to share your stories and open up about really traumatic experiences. Those stories affirm why we are doing this so thank you for the constant reminders.

Well, that's all for now. There are so many other exciting things going on but I wouldnt even know where to start. I am just so excited for 2010! I think big things are going to happen and CHANGE is actually going to occur in the school systems and with females all over the world. THANK YOU for being so supportive and being a part of this!

Lauren Parsekian

PS. Check out this article- It will remind you why this is such an important issue to tackle and confirms the sometimes deadly affects to the way we treat one another.

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  1. Lauren, Cannot wait to see what you put together! I just know this is going to touch so many people. Rebekah would so love a t-shirt. When you came to interview us here at the house (after Dr. Phil) you had not yet received them.She has mentioned to me that the girls you interviewed all seem to have the shirt. Can she get one?? Peggy Jeffries