January 9, 2010


Its 3:00am and I cant sleep for two reasons:

1. I am leaving for the conference in Texas in the morning and haven't packed and its secretly freaking me out.

2. Vegard and I have been working on the documentary trailer for the film festival and today I saw it complete and cut together for the first time. It's hard to express how I felt when I was watching it. I will tell you that within 5 seconds I was in tears and by the end of it I was balling with excitement. I looked at Vee and informed him that that may be the first time in my life I have been full on in tears from being so happy. The trailer is amazing and to sit there and watch all of the work that went into this cut into something was such a surreal experience. It reminded me that this is actually happening. wow. Vee is so talented and our brains are on the same wave length. its good. Cant wait for you all to see the teaser/trailer! It will be on the findingkind site soon!!!

Lauren Parsekian

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  1. I saw you today at Texas and I can't believe what you guys do. I'm so excited that you guys came to talk to NCL. At my school I see bullying all the time and know i will stand up for people I don't know. So thank you.