September 13, 2012

And we're off!

Just like that, summer flew by.

We spent the summer working on something really exciting for y'all!  We're developing the Kind Kit and this summer we started the process of putting the assembly program onto DVD so that Kind Campaign will exponentially grow in 2013.  More details to come in the future as to what the Kind Kit entails and how to get your hands on it!

Yesterday we had our first Kind Campaign assembly of the school year at Rosary High School in Fullerton, California!  It felt so good to be back at it talking to girls about this extremely important subject matter.  Not gonna lie though, after a bit of a break this summer, Lauren and I got little butterflies before we started the assembly, which is not the norm typically since we do this day in and day out.  Then we remembered that this happens at the very first assembly of every tour, and as soon as we got out there talking to the girls, all of the butterflies faded away.  They were replaced by jolts of excitement as we shared our testimonies, screened the film, heard some incredible pledges and kind cards and witnessed apologies being passed around the gymnasium.

Here's a little sneak peek into our first assembly of the school year...

We're so excited for all of the upcoming screenings and assemblies!  It's a bittersweet feeling, as this is our last tour personally going into schools for the assemblies.  (Don't fear, Kind Campaign will still live and breathe as a non-profit and the message will have the ability spread exponentially once we launch the Kind Kit!)  If your community or school hasn't had the opportunity to have an assembly with the two of us, we still have some spots available on our final tour.  Check out to find out more information and to contact IndieFlix to get something on the calendar before we're booked up!  

Cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead of us and what amazing people we are going to meet along the way!
love love love,


  1. I think what you ladies have started and are doing is amazing and inspiring. women have an infinite amount of power and we are stronger if we pull together, instead of tearing each other apart. Thanks for bringing this to light. I will be sure to endorse your campaign.

  2. Hi Ladies. First want to say how wonderful I think you two are. And thank you for all you are doing.
    I am a 42 year old mom of to grown girls and two grandbabys. I live in the same country i grew up in and am not happy about it. I have nothing to feel proud about where i live. I was bullyed in school and have been scared for life from it. I have alwasy wanted to speck out about it to our school board and talk to other kids but never had anyway to do it. I watched my youngest go thru the same school distret and watch my life revisted thru my daughter. away picked on, never liked for herself, beat on and then teachers and principals punish her for sticking up for herself. she made a sean we can have that, she disrubed the class. Well HELLO she was being bullyed! what are u going to do to the person that bullyed her??? I would ask. Nothing not a thing was done. my girl gets in trouble for sticking up for herself but not the bully who started it all. said to say she got pregnet at 16 and then didnt finish school. :(
    Warren County PA needs a bully wake up call. We have had one kid last year kill himself. The wave was heard but then went silent and has gone silent since. This poor family loses there son and now have to live with out him forever and the school board does not make a stand. Oh we have a no bullying stand in our school. BULL!!!!
    Thank you for lisoning! Merry Christmas to you both. and God Bless

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