March 28, 2012

Lori takes in Los Angeles!

Today was so much fun! We didn't have any doctor appointments set up for Lori, so we were able to show her some of the best parts of Los Angeles.  We picked her up in the morning and bumped Justin Bieber's new single, Boyfriend, the whole way up... I may or may not be obsessed with that song. Okay, I am.

The first place we took her was the Hollywood sign.  From there we walked down Hollywood Blvd, hit up Grauman's Chinese Theaters, drove through Beverly Hills onto Rodeo Drive then heading to the west side to show her where Molly and I both live in Santa Monica.   It was such a perfect day so we decided to go to one of the best spots in LA, The Huntley Hotel for some appetizers and drinks.  The view up there is insane. When we finished up we headed down the shops of 3rd St. Boulevard and ended up on the Santa Monica pier to ride the ferris wheel.  Molly and I have lived here forever and have never been on it so it was so cool to share that first experience with Lori! We finished the day with dinner at a great Mexican place...we had to show her some good Mexican food!

The day was perfect. Seeing her eyes and her smile light up with every experience she has makes this such a rewarding experience.  So many things this week are first-time experiences for her.   I love that because of the kindness of one woman's heart,  Lori gets to forever have life-changing memories and opportunities that probably would have never presented themselves to her.  I know I sound like a broken record, but its just so beautiful, and it's truly been a life changing experience for me as well...and Im sure I can speak for Molly in saying the same goes for her.

Anyway, I didn't want to write a whole bunch of details about today because the pictures are so much better.  So take a look at Lori's day!

As you can see, Lori had an amazing day :) We are up again early tomorrow to bring Lori to Dr. Cummings, an Oral Surgeon that we are hoping will take on her case!!! Keep your fingers crossed! More tomorrow!

LOVE wins.

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