September 23, 2011

Aaaaand it all begins again!

We have officially began our 3rd Kind Campaign school year!  Wow.  To look back on the last 2 1/2 years and think about all the girls we have spoken to and all the places we have been is wonderfully overwhelming.  To date, we have personally gone into over 300 schools and organizations across the country.  What a crazy thing to think about...  Something else really crazy is the fact that you can check out all of our Kind Campaign stops on Kind Country featured on our NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! Yes, we have a new Kind Campaign website and you are most likely checking it out if you are reading this blog post!   Go navigate and have fun after reading this!  About the whole summer was dedicated to the production of this new site and I have to say... it may be my favorite website of all time... yes, I am biased but it's just so perfect!!!  We cannot thank Nick Mason and ErroThree LLC enough for all of their hard work and genius ideas.

Getting back to our 3rd school year...yesterday we got home from our first couple of speaking and screening engagements of the year!  We first headed over to Cushing Academy right outside of Boston and then flew down to Nashville to visit Vanderbilt.  The feeling I get when standing on that stage and having this conversation with girls... its something that I cannot even begin to describe.  What we witnessed at Cushing Academy were some of the most beautiful moments I have experienced to date.  We usually don't open up the floor for apologies but there were some girls who were really eager to read their apologies for the whole female student body.  These apologies were so moving, I dont think there was a single dry eye in the room.  We watched more friendships mended and many unresolved conflicts between the girls were resolved. 

Cushing Academy

Cushing Kind Wall

The school utilized one of our new Kind Campaign initiatives of the school year, the Kind Wall, where girls can display their Kind Pledges and Kind Cards.  The girls really got into it which was so cool to watch.  Speaking of new initiatives, we CAN'T WAIT to launch Kind Campaign School Clubs!!!!! The beautiful and talented, Camilla, is finishing up a couple designs so it will be available very soon for girls to start in schools across the country!!!!!!! 


We love Hannah!


Well, that's enough for now.  The last few days were incredible and we are so excited to begin speaking and screening!!! Its going to be quite a busy year!! 

While I'm here, I want to remind you to go see Finding Kind in New York and Los Angeles AMC theaters throughout this week!!!!!!  Alllsooo, if you happen to be at your local Starbucks, check out a new exclusive Finding Kind trailer on the Starbucks wireless network homepage!!!!

Love Wins.

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  1. WHEN ya coming to Virginia?? So happy about this MOVEMENT!!!