July 13, 2011

A Year in Review... in Photographs

Hello KIND Companions!

WOW.  It has been almost an ENTIRE year that we haven't posted on this blog... shame on us!  It's been an incredible year, but one that has kept us VERY, VERY busy!  Because of that, we haven't been diligent about our blogging and instead utilized Facebook and Twitter to keep everyone updated.  But, that is not fair for those of you who aren't in the world of Facebook and Twitter, so we are going to do our very best to start fresh and keep the blogs comin' from now on!  Before we do that though, we wanted to fill you in on what has been happening this past year because things have definitely been HAPPENIN'!!

Rather than tell you, we thought we would SHOW you... so here is Kind Campaign's Year in Pictures:

Summer 2010:
Happy Summertime!

Molly spoke at Delta Gamma Convention in Denver, Colorado and received the Courage Award in recognition of the courage to overcome bystander behavior and create an environment where social responsibility is nurtured.

Fundraiser in Malibu, California

Finding Kind Family     

Molly and Chris's Engagement Party
Molly's Engagement Party = 
Road Trip Reunion  

Molly and her then fiance, Chris
Molly's Engagement Party

Assembly in Boston at PCC Camp

Featured speakers at SMARTY Event in Los Angeles
Facilitating three sessions at the Operation Smile Conference in Denver, Colorado

Fall 2010:
Assembly at Lancer HS in
 Santa Barbara, California

Sound Mixing in the studio

Kind Campaign featured
non-profit at Fashion's Night
Out at BCBG on
Rodeo Drive

Final preparations to HIT THE ROAD for the second cross-country tour!!
Lauren spoke at the Kappa Kappa Gamma Convention
in Denver, Colorado

Finding Kind Premiere

On September 20th, we embarked on another cross-country road trip to screen the film and do assemblies in schools, communities, and organizations nationwide. Here's a few snapshots of our journey...

Jack Rose, an amazing
human, traveled with us on
the journey driving &
protecting us
Nicole Vaughn, the
incredibly talented musician,
traveled with us on
the journey playing after
assemblies & screenings

After being On Air with Ryan
Seacrest on KIIS FM, we took
a one day break from the tour
to fly back to L.A. for a meeting
with Ryan Seacrest Productions

We had such an amazing journey and were so blessed by the incredibly KIND people that we encountered along the way.  After the road trip, we continued flying to different cities for assemblies and screenings...

Right after the road trip, Molly flew to Indianapolis to speak at the Alumnae Panhellenic Luncheon

Finding Kind screening at University of Mississippi
Lots of time spent in the air!
Wisdom of the Kitchen's
first event!

Assemblies, assemblies,

Francis Parker School
Orange County SOLD OUT

Marymount High School

Marlborough High School

NCL Desert Cities Chapter

Chaminade Prep 
Two wonderful assemblies at San Celemente High School

Several Assemblies in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Classical Academy  


Final Assembly of 2010 with Marlborough Middle School

Honored to speak at the Board of Directors and Board of Regents Meeting 
at Pepperdine University, our alma mater
(that's us with President Benton!)

Celebrating Lauren's 24th birthday to wrap up the first semester and the year!

Oaks Christian MS

Winter 2011:
San Jacinto Acadmey

Reception for Social Justice
Award for Documentary
Film at the Santa Barbara
Film Festival
Garden Street Academy
Santa Barbara, CA

Lincoln Middle School
Santa Monica, CA

ABC KEYT Morning News
Santa Barbara, CA

Breakfast with Santa Barbara
MS students following the
  first screening at SBIFF
El Puente School  

Santa Barbara International
Film Festival

Meeting the AMAZING
women of IndieFlix,
our distribution company

Walking the red carpet at
Santa Barbara International
Film Festival

Santa Barbara International
Film Festival

Assemblies in 1 degree temperature in Kohler, Wisconsin!

Back to California for a screening for the National Charity League Laguna Chapter

Screening in Greeley, Colorado at University of Northern Colorado

Vista Verde School

Arborlawn First United
Methodist Church
Dallas, Texas

NCL La Jolla Chapter

Spring 2011:

 Molly tied to the knot on April 2, 2011 and married the love of her life, Christopher Thompson! Lauren, of course, was a bridesmaid in the wedding!! Now Molly is Mrs. Thompson!!

Photos courtesy of Lauren Larsen Photography

Sprockets Film Festival, sponsored by the Toronto International Film Festival
Finding Kind won the Student Choice Award!!

On Location: Memphis International Film Festival

Palm Beach Women's International Film Festival
Finding Kind won Best Documentary!

Finding Kind in the Newport Beach Film Festival

Oaks Christian Middle School Screening

Seattle is IndieFlix headquarters, so we went up there to spend a few days to hold screenings and assemblies!

New Day Morning Show
St. Joseph's School

IndieFlix Headquarters

Screening Event at Town Hall in Seattle, Washington

We hopped on a plane from Seattle to Portland to hold a screening and assembly at Valley Catholic in Beaverton, Oregon
Pepperdine Alumni dinner in Portland
Finding Kind screened at the Seattle International Film Festival so we spent a week in Seattle!  SIFF connected us with local schools, so we held several screenings in the Seattle area and had an amazing time meeting all of the incredible students!
Lynnwood HS
Jackson HS
Meadowdale HS
So happy to have Lauren's boyfriend, Aaron, and Molly's mom, Tetia, in Seattle with us!

Red Carpet before the first SIFF Screening

Q&A following the screening 

Fellow Pepperdine alum
and friends came
to support

Local Delta Gamma's came
to support
Nathan Hale HS

Front Page of Seattle
Times Northwest
Seattle Times Feature
SIFF's Best Bet

FOX Q13 Nightly News
King 5 Morning News

Meeting with Mia Doces,
Committee for Children
We hopped on a plane from Seattle to head to Telluride, Colorado for MountainFilm.  You've seen posts about this incredible film festival before from Lauren, but this was Molly's first time to go.  Once again, it was WONDERFUL!

So proud of HAPPY!

We went straight from Telluride back to California to do the last two assemblies of the school year.  These were extremely special assemblies because they were at Lauren's middle school, it was in this schools hallways where she experienced girl-against-girl "crime".  It was so wonderful to be at Niguel Hills Middle School!

Summer 2011:

Meeting with the INCREDIBLE

Once again, Happy Summertime!

Well there you have it... A year in the life of Kind Campaign!  Whew, that was a whirlwind! 

Now that it's summertime our days are filled with planning for the EXCITING things we have brewing for the Fall (Kind Week, Anti-Bullying month, etc!), attending festivals (we're heading to Ventura and Vegas this week!), and working on a new website (get excited!).  

We'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, check out www.findingkind.com to schedule a screening or see if one is happening in your area!  As always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you are having a WONDERFUL summer!  Enjoy every moment and BE KIND.
Molly and Lauren

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  1. This is amazing!! Molly you did an awesome job putting this together. Wow! You girls have been incredibly busy!! What a wonderful album to share with everyone! Love you girls <3 xoxo, Debra P.